Best Online Degrees

Higher education is no longer just about rushing to class and sitting in a large lecture hall. For many people, higher education is about logging on to a computer, completing discussion questions, and turning in assignments by 11:59PM on a specific date. Almost every degree can be completed online. However, only certain degrees are best to be done online.

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)

An MBA can help you land more advanced positions in the business field and help you earn a higher salary over the course of your career. An MBA is one of the most common master’s degrees in the country because people who are passionate about business need it to get where they want to be; therefore, finding an online program will not be difficult. The MBA is best to be done online because you can gain experience in the industry while earning a degree to advance in the industry.

Master’s in Psychology

While many people pursue a bachelor’s in psychology, you will need to earn a master’s is psychology to go into counseling or human services. A master’s in psychology is best to be earned online because it requires a lot of reading, writing, and discussion. If you are interested in going into counseling or human services, you will need to check with your state for practicum and course requirements.

Master’s in Nursing

A master’s in nursing can open the door for you to earn the title of nurse practitioner or land positions in management and teaching. You will definitely be able to land a position as a nurse with an undergraduate degree, but if you want to perform similar tasks as a doctor, manage, or teach, you will need to earn a master’s. There may be practical requirements, but if you are already working as a nurse, you can fulfill those requirements at your current job.

Bachelor’s in Addictions Counseling

The addiction epidemic has made addictions counseling one of the most fastest growing industries in the United States. Ironically, there are not many brick-and-mortar universities who offer a bachelor’s degree in addictions counseling. Many people who decide to go into addictions counseling are older adults who are recovering from their addiction; therefore, the degree is most commonly earned online to accommodate the work schedule of older adults.

Bachelor’s in Game Design

Game design is a booming industry and offers fun job opportunities. Unfortunately, not many brick-and-mortar universities offer it because it is still a new industry. Since the bachelor’s in game design is centered around using technology to learn how to design games, an online program is your best bet.

Deciding on a Degree

Deciding on a degree can be easy or difficult, depending if you are just advancing your current career or switching careers. Online programs are more affordable and definitely more flexible than going to a brick-and-mortar campus. The most major benefit of an online degree is being able to start working and earning a salary while you are continuing your education.


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