Biggest Mistakes To Avoid At The Time Of Buying Carpet

Buying a carpet is not something that you do every other day. In fact, some people go shopping carpets just once or twice in their lives. It is because of this that many people get confused at the time of purchasing carpets and end up Buying the ones that are not suitable for their needs.

Biggest Mistakes To Avoid At The Time Of Buying Carpet

So here are some common mistakes that you should avoid at the time of buying carpets. These will help you to make the right choice while purchasing the carpet.

  • Skimping on the Under-pad – This happens to be the worst mistake. It may seem weird that how can you spend money on something that you cannot even see, initially. You may think that it is better to spend the money on something that you can sit back on and relax. You may think of saving the money on the under-pad and purchase a new décor item in its place. But keep it in mind that most of the time it is what you are not able to see that is most important. For example, you are not able to see the car tyres but they are the ones that are most important for your safety and comfort. So do not ignore this one at the time of purchasing the carpet.
  • Getting Stuck on the Weight – At the time of purchasing carpets, this is one thing that people are cautioned about most. You should never assume that a carpet with greater face weight is better than the one lower with the lower weight. It is a very simple and easy mistake to make as we usually impulsively purchase something that has a greater numerical value. But there a plethora of factors that come into play at the time of determining the overall quality of a carpet. So you should not take into account only the weight at the time of purchasing the carpet.
  • Calculating Your Square Footage Incorrectly – Prior to heading out for shopping, it is always advised that you take some measurements. This will give you a realistic idea about the product. This way you can have some idea about which one to buy to stay within budget. You should take the measurements and then hand them over to the shopkeeper who will take care of the rest.
  • Assuming the Carpets Are Same as They Look the Same – This one is particularly true if you are getting different quotes from different retailers on various products.  You should ensure that you are comparing apples to apples during the purchase. Just because a couple of carpets look and feel the same does not mean that they are both the same. So you need to ensure that they are of the same quality of carpet by checking the style, the fibre, the under-pad and so on. If one carpet has ten years of warranty while the other one has that of 20 years, then you are obviously not looking at the same type of carpet.

The above are major mistakes that you need to avoid at the time of purchasing carpet from a reputed carpet store in New York City. Now that you know the pitfalls you will surely be able to purchase the right carpet for your property if you keep these in mind.

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