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Whales have long played a huge role in our cultural consciousness. They pop up in religious and literary works as wildly various as the story of Jonah, Pinocchio, and Moby Dick. In that latter incarnation, the titular White Whale served as an embodiment of the raw force of nature, something against which mankind strives in vain. In the art and literature of the twenty-first century, we still see whales as a manifestation of nature’s raw majesty, of which we are in awe. Whereas we once looked upon whales and saw a monster or threat, however, we now see some of the most inspiring creatures in the world.

Whales are massive, social, intelligent, and one of the most awe-inspiring sights on Earth.

They are well worth our love and protection, and it is likewise worth seeing them in their natural habitat in a non-disruptive fashion, which is something you can do with the best cruises for whale watching in Sydney.

Why Sydney?

To begin with, it’s worth asking the question – why Sydney? What is it about this city that has helped make it one of the whale-spotting capitals of the world? For one thing, Sydney is very advantageously located for whale watching, as the city itself is located right in the middle of humpback whales’ migration patterns. This means that every year, countless whales come swimming right past Sydney Harbour! The Harbour itself is yet another reason why Sydney is a mecca for whale lovers and watchers the world over. Not only is it one of the great landmarks of the city, but it is situated in such a way as to provide prime viewing positions for those looking to do a bit of whale watching.

Booking a Cruise

The most popular way to do some whale watching while in Sydney is by booking a whale watching cruise. These expeditions can be a great way to see whales in their natural habitat. What is more, they can also be a great way to see a variety of other great sea mammals as well, including seals and dolphins.

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when booking a whale watching cruise, not the least of which include the following:

  • Weather: Remember, even though the weather can often be a bit on the warm side in Sydney, it can be quite a bit cooler at sea. As such, you will want to dress for warm and cold weather alike, ideally with both a shirt as well as some kind of hoodie or coat in case it gets
  • Water: In addition, you’ll want to dress with the understanding that between the whales and the waves, you might get wet, and so a change of clothes might be helpful to have on hand.
  • Timing: When considering when to come, the migration and mating seasons offer the best chances of seeing whales
  • Respect: Sydney is rightfully proud of its reputation as a whale-friendly city, and so it is imperative that all visitors looking to go on whale watching tours be respectful to the whales and not seek to disturb them.

Embark on one of the greatest adventures of your life with an incredible whale watching experience in Sydney!


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