Brokerage: An Important Part Of Every Trade

All those who are interested in the stock market, the brokerage is an aspect one must know thoroughly. There are different types of trades, and in each type, there are different rates also. For a trader, it is an expense while for an operator it is income. The trader can calculate the profit only after the deduction of the brokerage which is an expenditure.

There are cash as well as a future transaction where one can trade, but in any of these markets, one needs to have brokerage calculator that can help him to know how much actually he is earning out of the trades and not from the sales price only.

Brokerage An Important Part Of Every Trade

The Trades:

It is a matter of an individual’s choice if he wants to go for the cash trading or derivatives as rules and pattern for decision are different for each of them. There is also a commodity and currency market where one can trade in various commodities such as crude, gold, and silver as well as different grains. In case one wants to have the income from the commodity market. Also one needs to have the commodity brokerage calculator which can help him to know the exact situation of his account after the settlement. There are different rates of the brokerage with different brokers as well as the market. In the currency market, the rates are different than that of the cash as well as a commodity market.

How does the Trade Happen?

Before jumping into the ocean of stock market trading, one needs to know how the trades take place. There are different markets which are cash, currency, commodity, and derivative primarily. In each of these markets, one can trade as per his knowledge and investment. In the cash market, one can go for the trading in equity shares of various public limited companies which are listed on exchanges such as BSE and NSE. There is also a derivative market where the lot size is already decided by the exchange, and one needs to go for the main lot size or a mini one. In both of these lot sizes the primary difference is of margin money only. The mini size requires less margin money while the main lot requires more margin money. At the same time, the profit margin is also reduced with the size of the lot and the charges of brokerage remains intact as there is no change in the percentage of brokerage.

While going for the intraday or delivery trading in any security, currency or commodity, one needs to know the associated risk before the trade. In case the rates are lowered the client must be in a position to square off the position or to take the delivery by paying additional amount. In the case of position squaring he must be able to bear the loss also if the rates of concerned security or commodity are reduced beyond his expectations. Hence trading is a step that one has to take after proper research and analysis only.

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