Buying a villa in Dubai: Expectations vs. Reality

Dubai’s real estate market has always been a competitive one. This city makes it easy to buy a property irrespective of your nationality. And this is one reason why you might find many of the celebrities and the wealthy choose this city to buy a property as an investment. And if you are looking for a scenic villa that looks chic and offers you a tax-free lifestyle then looks no further. is a website that makes your search for the best villas easier by listing the villas for sale in all popular locations around Dubai.

A reliable channel to find your dream villa

When you start your search for a villa in Dubai there are so many brokers and real estate companies who might come your way. This ease of finding a real estate broker might make it appear as if the whole process would be quick and hassle-free. The reality is that the abundance of brokers in this city is one thing that makes the search even more difficult. There are plenty of brokers working without a legal license. These are the ones that can put your money at risk. When you work through credible channels your whole search process becomes simpler. And when you work with real estate websites like Fazwaz there is the advantage of viewing plenty of options all from your home. This makes it easy for you to narrow down your search for villas based on the location and then shortlist the ones that suit your tastes by viewing the images in the listings.

Your expenses do not end with the purchase of the villa

The energy bills tend to be high in Dubai and the extreme temperatures that prevail here can be cited as the reason for that. Installation of solar panels is one of the trends that is catching up in Dubai. This is a worthy investment that can help bring down your long term expenses. So if you are buying a villa in Dubai besides the cost of the villa itself, take into account the cost involved in getting solar panels fitted.

Owning a villa and traveling to work

Many people buy a villa with the expectation of finding a suitable home for the family while also being able to conveniently travel to work. The reality is that most of the villas are located in the outskirts. On a deserted road or in normal traffic conditions the distance from your villa to your workplace might look totally pliable and convenient. But you should look at it from the perspective of Dubai’s traffic which is always bad. So traveling from one place to another in your car is not going to be an easy job. If you own a business which you can manage from your villa or in a site that is close by then you are in luck. But if you work in an office in the heart of the city then a villa in the outskirts might only make your commute seem nearly impossible.

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