Cake Pan Types and Its Uses

Several types of pans exist which could be utilized in cake recipes. At the same time, it is essential to use the pans in the right manner in the recipe and baking time. Several basic pan types are present that come with specific uses.

Cake Pan Types and Its Uses

Spring form

It is a pan type without non-stick coating. It has bottom and side parts which could be detached. It is quite ideal for preparing cake recipes such as cheesecakes and used frequently in moulding layered cakes and mousse cakes. It is created from shiny tin. The new products launched in the market tend to feature assorted exterior colours. It is now possible to select online flower delivery Jaipur from the reputed sites and impress the beloved one.

Angel food

It is a tube pan type having detachable cone and side, with no bottom part. They are specifically created for preparing Angel food cakes. No grease is necessary for baking such type of cakes. A major characteristic feature of such cakes is to have close contact with the pan sides or to stick to its sides. Once baking is completed, they are then to be cooled, but in reversed position. Knife is to be used between the cake as well as the pan side for loosening the cake, without actually damaging its form.

Ring shape pans

They are found to be of three types, with the first one being the tube or ring. They are created using plain aluminium metals. Few pans are found to come with opening at its centre or without the non-stick coating and without opening. It is termed to be just ideal for majority of the cake types and is to be oiled before baking.

Bundt is the second type. They are created from cast iron or aluminium materials. They can be found without or with non-stick coating. They are to be greased properly before being used. Such cakes can be found to be quite appealing and also come in various unique shapes.

Savarin is the third type. There are present baking pans designed specifically for preparing Savarin cakes. They are found with ring pans created from aluminium and come in unique shapes. The end products which are baked using this pan offer lovely looking and interesting desserts.

Round pans

Generally, they are created from aluminium, without or with non-stick coating. These are just fabulous for creating layered genoise and layered cake types. Round pans are available in various sizes. The ideal type for baking cakes is 8.5 – 9.5 & 9.5 – 10.5.

Square pans

These are usually created from both tin and aluminium. Its standard size is 9”x9”x12”, which is considered to be quite ideal for preparing slices, bars and brownies. Cakes which are baked using this pan are likely to appear uneven. The side portion gets thin while those close to the centre portion are mounted and thick.

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