Can Men Get Alimony In A Divorce?

When most people think about alimony, they think about payments made from an ex-husband to an ex-wife to help her get back on her feet financially.  But spousal support isn’t exclusive to females. Many males are now seeking and obtaining alimony in their divorces.

Only a divorce lawyer can determine whether you’re likely to receive spousal support, but there are several circumstances that would warrant such a request.

Can Men Get Alimony In A Divorce?

You Were a Stay-at-Home Dad

Many women receive spousal support because they gave up their careers to raise the children. The commitment to remain a stay-at-home mother, which is no small feat, often leaves women with limited career options after a divorce.

The same scenario applies to men who give up their careers to stay home and raise the children. These dads serve as caretakers, chauffeurs, cooks and household managers.

Stay-at-home dads are far more likely to be granted spousal support after a divorce simply because of their significant contribution to the family at the expense of their careers.

You Earn Less than Your Wife

The primary goal of spousal support is to help a spouse remain financially stable in the transition from married to single life. If your spouse earned a higher salary and your family was dependent on her income, you may be eligible for spousal support.

A judge may also be more willing to grant alimony if you have as many expenses as your ex-wife. In many cases, the court will grant support payments in an effort to help both parties continue living the same lifestyle they did when they were married.

Your Physical or Emotional Health Affects Your Earning Capability

Physical disabilities or emotional issues may also put men in a better position to ask for spousal support.

If you were injured or your physical health declined during your marriage and that affected your income-earning capability, you may be awarded spousal support. A former husband who suffers a stroke and is no longer able to work may be granted alimony in a divorce. The same can be said for the state of your emotional or mental health.

Your Career Suffered During Your Marriage

Men may be awarded alimony if their career suffered during their marriage. Some put their careers on hold to raise a family. Others move across the country because of their wives’ jobs. No matter the reason, men who sacrifice their careers to benefit the marriage have a good shot at obtaining alimony.

Can men get alimony? Yes. But few do, even in today’s modern world. Just three percent of the 400,000 people receiving spousal support in the U.S. are men, but women are the breadwinners in 40% of American households. These figures suggest that far more men are eligible for alimony, but don’t receive it.

Men who earn less than their wives, serve as stay-at-home dads or sacrifice their careers for the betterment of the family have a good chance of being awarded spousal support. Working with a divorce lawyer who has successfully helped men obtain alimony can greatly increase the outcome of success.

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