Computer Biometrics: All About Security Process!

The advancement of technology means a lot in the field of security. This is the case of computer biometrics that is becoming commonplace. This is a technique for authenticating or identifying a person from one of their physical characteristics to protect documents or a device. Let’s find out everything we need to know about this security technique.

What can be said about Biometrics and Computer Science?

Each person has a character that makes them unique. Biometrics is an identification technique that uses sufficiently reliable and tamper-proof physical or behavioral properties. It applies mainly in the area of security if we speak only of automatic access control qualified biometric control system.

Computer Biometrics: All About Security Process!

Biometrics has become integrated in different sectors including banking transactions. It is used to secure payments in physical terminals as well as remote payments. Also, this system ensures the protection of computer peripherals: computer, mouse, software … Not to mention the biometric terminals that occupy the access and attendance controls in some companies.

What Physical and Behavioral Characteristics to Consider?

Given the renewed outbreak of insecurity, the technology of computer biometrics nowadays influences several domains, even in everyday life. It is no longer surprising to see devices associated with this system everywhere, such as retinal scanners with red lasers, fingerprint scanners. However, to exploit this technology, it is necessary to form digital databases.

Various physical and behavioral characteristics form these databases, called biometric samples, such as fingerprints, finger geometry, hand contour, iris, retina, face for facial recognition, as well as the system and configuration of the veins. Fingerprints, the most popular, can be used with several devices. Yet, their reliability seems a little limited, since they can be reproduced.

Apart from the physical elements, each subject also has its own behavioral characteristics including the dynamics of using a computer keyboard, a signature, speech recognition, or the way of walking.

The Importance of Biometric Security

Biometrics has its advantages both for the comfort of everyone and for security. But its effectiveness is intimately linked to the computer since the essential data are in fact stored and digitized to allow a quick and reliable identification.

To meet people’s expectations in terms of security, Semlex, led by Albert Karaziwan, has applied biometric techniques, as well as other methods of protection.

In terms of biometric security, Semlex offers many supports for integrating this system into documents such as PDF417 barcodes and the electronic card. In general, the fingerprint is the most popular biometric identifier. This group of Albert Karaziwan also offers the use of facial features, hand geometry and the image of the iris to establish with certainty the identity of an individual by comparing it with recorded reference data.

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