Designing a Retractable Belt Barrier

Retractable belt barriers are the perfect solution for managing crowds. You can use these barriers to block off certain areas or form organized lines of people. No matter what your event or function may be, organization will be the key to keeping visitors and staff safe and happy.

Steel Posts and Bases

These stanchions are made from steel, giving them a strong, durable base. Each post weighs around seventeen pounds, so it is heavy enough to maintain its position but light enough to be easily moved. The posts and bases come in four finishes: satin stainless, gold-plated, mirror polish, or black powder-coated. The shiny coatings give a fancier feel, while the black powder coat prevents fingerprints or other blemishes from showing. The bases also feature rubber floor protectors, so the stanchions will not damage the floor of your event space.


The belts of the stanchions can be seven feet long or thirteen feet long, and come in nine different colors, including black, red, blue, yellow, and green. Since the belts are retractable, barriers can be moved or placed in a different direction with ease.

Sign Frames and Holders

As an accessory to the barriers, you can add sign mounts and frames to the top of the posts. You can place posters, directions, or other signage for your guests to see. This can help direct the flow of foot traffic and organize your event even more.

Custom Stanchions and Belts

If you are interested, you have the option to customize your stanchion or belt. Present your company’s logo or another special design on the belt, or choose a custom wrap job for the stanchion. This will set your stanchions apart from the rest and really represent your company at the event.

Bundle Deals

If you are looking to buy multiple barriers, then you may be interested in one of the many bundle deals available. Six or eight piece bundles are available for the stanchions, or invest in a bundle that include a red or black carpet for special events.

If you are planning to have an event and want to maximize crowd control and organization, then investing in retractable belt barriers could be a good choice for you. They come in a variety of colors or can even be customized to represent your company and create a safe environment for your guests.

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