DIY Tips For Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is often considered the heart of your home and with good reason. This is where you prepare your family meals and people spend most of their time gathered. Many of the best memories are create round the home.

This is why it is so important to remodel your kitchen periodically; it’s not just about the value of your home as high as possible!

Here are some tips to make sure you get the kitchen remodeling right:

Go Bespoke

Most people assume that bespoke means expensive. But the simple fact is you don’t need to have a completely bespoke kitchen. You can select specific parts of it; such as a butcher’s block or floating island.

Choose a reputable firm like SJD and take a look at what they can offer; you’ll be surprised at what you can get for a realistic price.

Just Doors

Instead of looking at ripping the kitchen out and starting again you can simply replace the doors and perhaps the counter tops.

To adopt this approach you need to consider whether the current layout of the kitchen suits your needs or not.

If it does then changing the doors can take minutes; add in a coat of paint and you’ll be amazed by the transformation.

Look At the Floor

Your kitchen floor is often taken for granted. Hanging it can quickly transform the look of it and the feel of your kitchen.

Opt for a traditional look with black and white tiles or even vinyl or laminate flooring. This will create a stunning contrast to your bespoke doors.

Alternatively remove the flooring and go with the bare floorboards; sanded and varnished they can look fantastic!

Add A Sink

When remodeling it is a good idea to consider adding an extra sink. This will give you the opportunity for someone to be washing up whole you use the original sink to help with food prep. For this option to work you need to place the two sinks in different locations.

Consider The Interior

Corner cupboards have always been an essential part of your kitchen set up. However, access to these is often restrictive. Consider adding carousels and internal drawers to make the space easier to access.

End Panels

The finish of your kitchen remodel is important; you want to allow enough funds in your budget for end panels. These can transform the look of your kitchen. You can even opt for decorative ones to boost the personality of your space.


Your kitchen is a definitive size. Before you start your remodeling you must consider what you believe is really useful and what may simply be nice.

For example, adding a wine fridge is lovely but, if your kitchen has only a limited amount of space available then you will need to question whether it is really worthwhile or not.

You also need to consider the positioning of your appliances. The traditional thought is that the sink cooker and refrigerator be set on the points of a triangle to give you ease of access and movement between them.

You can then design the rest of your kitchen round this to optimize what is important to you and the space you need.

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