Email Marketing: 5 Best Practices for Blasting Emails to Your Subscribers

Email blasts have their downsides, they’re still an effective way to promote your products and services. Check out these 5 best practices for blasting emails.

Over 205 billion emails are sent every day, with a projected estimate of 246 billion by the end of this year. For marketers and businesses blasting emails as part of their marketing strategy, the stakes have never been higher.

With best practices, email marketing can provide huge returns on investment. Every $1 spent on email marketing potentially returns $38.

That’s more than thrice the ROI from radio ads. In fact, 75 percent of companies using email marketing say that email marketing provides good to excellent ROI.

This’s why you can’t keep blasting emails without deploying proven email marketing techniques for maximum conversion. They have to kick-ass to convert your target audience into customers.

If you want your subscribers to read your emails and take action, you’ve got to use proven email marketing ideas and techniques.

Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Craft Compelling Email Marketing Copy

There are three parts to an email:

  • Headline
  • Body
  • Conclusion/CTA
  • Optimize for Mobile Devices

All of these have to be on point to make it work. 35 percent of email recipients open emails just because of the headlines – that’s 1 in 2.8 people.

Your headlines must be compelling to get them to click through to read your email. The same goes for your body. These days, email providers preview the first 1-2 lines after your subject line.

This means your prospects will get a hint of what you’re talking about before clicking through. So, ensure that your emails’ introduction, body, and conclusion are properly crafted.

Pay attention to your call-to-action (CTA) too. You should encourage them to take just one action at the end of your emails. Giving your readers two options causes confusion, and may result in zero actions.

Send Email Blasts at Optimum Times

There’s a lot of confusion about the best time to send emails in the marketing industry. There are claims of late morning, during working hours. Others suggest 10 a.m in the morning during any business day.

Then, there are those who believe Tuesday, Thursday, and Wednesday work. All of these probably work. But to get the best from blasting emails to your list, you’ll need to A/B test your promo emails at different times and on different days.

Always Be Collecting Emails

The good news is you can use email CRMs like MailChimp, Mailshake, and others to capture email leads and schedule when your emails will go out.

Smart businesses know that more subscribers equal more buyers. Always get your website visitors’ emails. If you’re using other mail services for your lead capture, and want to switch to these, you can always use Pipedrive Mailchimp Sync.

It’ll automatically sync your current email list to those platforms, eliminating the hassles of manually importing/exporting those details.

Segment Your Lists 

Take Advantage of proper targeting. Successful email campaigns tailor emails to subscribers’ likes and wants.

If you send the wrong emails to the wrong recipients, they’ll probably get ignored at best or deleted and reported as spam. Good CRM’s help with email list segmentation and management.

Oh, and remember to add retargeting pixels to your CTA links to increase conversion rates.

Is That All to Blasting Emails?


35 percent of professionals read their emails on a mobile device. So, ensure your emails are optimized for mobile devices.

Also, make sure to follow up a lot. And if it’s too much work, try white label services. If you’d like to know more, check out our post on white label email marketing.

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