Everything One Needs To Know About Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment or RCT is an endodontic therapy used to repair and save the infected tooth. A soft tissue called pulp remains present in the teeth below the white enamel. This pulp contains blood vessels and nerves that are helpful for the roots of the tooth to grow in the younger days. A fully developed tooth does not need support of the pulp to survive, as it draws nutrition from the surrounding tissues. It is normal that a tooth along with the pulp may get infected due to dental decay, leading to pain and inflammation.

Everything One Needs To Know About Root Canal Treatment

In this treatment methodology, affected pulp and the nerve are removed from inside the tooth. Finally, the dentist cleans and seals the tooth. Otherwise, the affected tooth will undergo further decay, creating pain and swelling. Successful root canal treatment helps in saving the natural tooth. Moreover, it helps us to chew food normally using normal biting force.

The Treatment Procedure

  • The dentist administers local anesthesia on a patient.
  • After the anesthesia starts its effect, a rubber dam is placed around the damaged tooth. This stops the saliva from getting into the affected zone inside the mouth.
  • In the next step, the dental expert makes an opening in the tooth to reach its root canal system and the damaged pulp.
  • The treatment involves using of fine instruments to remove the damaged pulp and also to clean and enlarge the root canal system.
  • After the cleaning is done, the affected area including the opening in the tooth is filled up and sealed.

There are many dependable dental clinics in London where you can avail this treatment.

Tooth Restoration

The process of RCT only helps in saving the affected tooth from further decay and inflammation. Therefore, experienced dentists in Lewisham suggest their patients to undergo tooth restoration procedure. This helps the affected tooth to look, feel and work just the way it used to be.

Usually, the restoration treatment involves a permanent filling and crowning to the tooth. However, the exact choice of restoration depends on the strength of the part of the tooth that survived. For a back tooth, dental experts usually refer to crowning. This is because the back teeth have to stand a lot of pressure while we chew foods during eating.

More Information on RCT

Root canal treatment requires at least a couple of sessions. After the treatment, the tooth is normally left tender for near about a week. It is better to avoid hard food in this period. However, experts at Lewisham dental practice guide their patients on this issue. If there is a pain or swelling during the post-treatment week, report back to the dentist immediately.

Root Canal Surgery

There are cases in which regular root canal treatment proves ineffective. In such critical situations, dental experts depend upon root canal surgery. The surgery helps removing the part of the root that could not be cleaned during normal RCT.

Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure. Lots of people of all ages undergo this effective treatment to save and restore their natural teeth. It is a safe procedure in the hands of an experienced dentist. You will feel minimum pain while undergoing the treatment.

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