Evolving Trends In Hospitality In 2015

Driving Success with New Innovations

Innovating with the changing trends in 2015, the hospitality industry has expanded its horizons to implement new initiatives. Involving improvement through multiple streams of revenue and direct bookings, the hotels are now focusing on consumer preferences which are evolving rapidly. When you book your stay through a good travel agency in India, you can enjoy the new trends in the hospitality industry and a relaxing holiday. Hotels which are intent on driving success and growth will see the profitability of their decisions in a short span of time.

Here are some of the predictions for hotels who have evolved with the growing trends:

Convenience with Mobile Check-in and Self-service

Lending convenience and comfort to travelers, many leading hotels are implementing self-service check-in initiatives. This may evolve over keyless entry through mobile devices and check-in kiosks. Some of the advantages are that these type of programs offer potential profitability and may require hard-selling techniques, aligning hotel experience with preferences of guests for convenience and labor savings. The reduction of face-to-face interaction with the hotel staff may reduce according to business and leisure travelers. It is important that the hotel authorities will be benefited if they test out any of the initiatives before the implement it.

Evolving Trends In Hospitality In 2015

Direct Booking through brand.com

While the hotel chains are exploring various tactics to accelerate bookings through brand channels directly, others are offering amenities which are free such as key less entry and Wi-Fi when guests book directly. Some of the hotels are making heavy investments in mobile offerings and brand.com. Many of the hotels are employing different types of strategies which involve great price guarantees and targeted promotions to initiate direct bookings. But this may not trigger success without a data-driven formula as evaluation cannot take place. The best way that hotels can measure the success of their implementations is by offering various incentives to reduce risk and diminishing of brand reputation.

Refining and Broadening the Scope of Sources of Ancillary Revenue

Reaching high levels of expense, surcharges and fees on reservation cancellation fees and restocking of the mini bar has been predicted to reach an all-time high. This may be reduced with a performance monitoring strategy which offers a favorable mix. The best way to arrive at a lucrative mix is by hard-driving testing of various fee combinations by hotel brands which will give the perfect answer.

Combining Wellness into Guest Experience

Focusing on maintenance of health, travelers have been conscious of the upkeep of exercise and fitness while enjoying a holiday. Today, hotels have incorporated a wealth of health with ‘wellness rooms’ and workout areas with gyms, etc. The era of the wellness tourism has come into focus with a big bang. If you are fitness enthusiast, you can book your accommodation through a great travel agency in India and rejuvenate at wellness rooms. This has provided a huge attraction potential for hotels to draw in new segments of guests. However, conversion of traditional hotel rooms into wellness rooms may not be the complete answer as the balance of expenses and income may not tip in a favorable direction.

Metamorphosis of Traditional Hotel Lobbies

Hotel lobbies are being transformed from their traditional use to multifunctional areas which can be utilized for dining purposes, meetings or work areas for individuals. Many of the business travelers are attracted towards these offerings as the corporate offices are looking for work spaces which are collaborative and flexible. The expenses of revamping the lobby should measure up to the income generated from F&B and the room space. Testing of these initiatives can predict the results of these programs and how risk can be reduced besides offering maximum impact.

Most of the travelers do not mind paying for exploring the changing trends in the hospitality industry so that they can add to their experience. Their experience is often found in reviews as they voice their opinions without any reservation. With the advancement of technology, travelers find it easier to render their likes and dislikes which makes it easier for hotels to cater to preferred tastes and requirements.

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