Exploring The Cosmopolitan Metropolis Of Mumbai As A Tourist

Mumbai is an exhilarating city. It has a mix of culture and traditions that is marked by the contexts of history. From buildings of importance to beaches, parks and recreation zones, Mumbai is plenty to offer to the visitors. Discover the various nuances of the city this holiday. Read on.

Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city and a metropolis. It is popularly known as Bombay. Seven islands on the Konkan coastal region together form the city of Mumbai. This island city is the much sought tourist destination in India owing to its fame and glamor. The Indian Cinema industry, Bollywood, is also based out of here. Tourism is one of the major contributors to the revenues of this city and hence there are plenty of hotels in Mumbai which range from economy to luxury class. From seven star to budget hotels, you would find all sorts of accommodations in Mumbai.

Exploring The Cosmopolitan Metropolis Of Mumbai As A Tourist

Mumbai is well connected by air, rail and road and hence you can arrive here by any of the means of transport. The moment you arrive here, you would be overwhelmed by the diversity and sophistication of the place. In the long past, Mumbai came under the rule of the Sultan of Gujarat which was then overtaken by the Portuguese in 1498. The Portuguese built forts, churches and various settlements across the whole region, the vestiges of which can be found and seen even today. In 1661, the seven islands in its original form were gifted as dowry to Charles II who married Catherine de Braganza. Charles II leased it to the East India Company which in turn built trade ports and docks. The work of joining of all the islands together was also started. Later, this led to a major migration of the business classes including the Marwaris and Parsis to Mumbai in the 19th century. All this led to the expansion and development of the city.

Mumbai is a cosmopolitan in all sense. It has a great diversity of culture, ethnicity and traditions. People from all over the world reside here. The mood of the city is liberal and everyone finds their space in the city easily. The climate is moderate and never gets too hot. There is slight humidity till the monsoons which vanishes by the winter time. It implies that winter is the best time to visit Mumbai and explore its scores of attractions. Most of the tourist sites in Mumbai are located in its southern part. From temples to caves to parks and other attractions, Mumbai has a lot to offer to the visitors. The rock cut caves of Elephanta, Kanheri and Mahakali are a must visit. The famous Gateway of India is another place of popular interest. One of the luxury hotels in Mumbai, the Taj is located just opposite the Gateway of India. From here you can take a ferry for a tour around. For some historical tour, you can check out Fort St. George. The constructions around here correspond to Indo-Saracenic, Gothic and Neoclassical styles of architecture. After this, you can take a refreshing stroll from Colaba to Churchgate through the wide streets. As you move to the long stretch of the Marine Drive, you would find a number of buildings showcasing the Art Deco style. In fact, Mumbai is second only to Miami in terms of Art Deco buildings.

Other places for you to explore in Mumbai are beaches (Juhu Beach, Chowpatty), parks, gardens, etc. So, plan your vacation and have a memorable time in the Maximum City.

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