Facts About Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces are not very commonly used around the world. It’s estimated that only a few million people use these types of furnaces to heat their homes during the winter. In contrast, electric and natural gas furnaces are much more common. If you’ve just moved into a home with an oil furnace, or are considering purchasing a home with one of these appliances, you may have some concerns since you’re not familiar with these systems. There are a lot of misconceptions about these systems that scare a lot of people off. However, you don’t need to be worried, and the information below should put you at ease.Facts About Oil Furnaces

Heating a Home with Oil Is Not Expensive

The news is constantly flooded with information about rising and falling oil prices. This leads many to believe that oil is in short supply, and that prices will continue to rise. However, home heating oil with Emo is very affordable, and most studies find that heating a home with an oil furnace is very comparable to other energy sources in terms of the overall cost. In fact, since natural gas is a non-renewable natural resource, it’s likely that natural gas systems will become more expensive to use in just a few years due to increasing demand and reduced availability. If cost is a concern of yours, you need not worry. Ordering oil and having it delivered to your home is simple and easy, and you’ll get used to the idea very quickly.

Heating Oil Is Clean and Safe

Many times, people think of oil as being dirty and dangerous. When we hear of oil spills in the ocean, we can easily become concerned. Of course, it’s not healthy for the animals in these environments when millions of litres of oil are spilled into their homes, but this doesn’t mean that it’s dangerous or unhealthy to use in your home. In fact, the newest oil furnaces are extremely efficient, and emissions from these systems are virtually non-existent. When compared to natural gas systems, oil systems are more efficient and have a reduced effect on the environment. These systems are also much safer than many believe. In fact, you could drop a lit match into a tank of this oil, and it could not combust. By comparison, natural gas is explosive, and leaks in these systems are the leading cause of carbon monoxide deaths. If your fear is that these systems will be unsafe for your family, you need not be concerned.

Heating Oil Furnaces Last Longer

A lot of people view oil furnaces as being outdated technology. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Although they are not extremely popular, oil furnaces are still being developed today, and the technology is making them more efficient every year. Since people believe these systems are outdated and are no longer being developed, many also believe that they will break down and need to be replaced often. Fortunately, that’s not at all true. In fact, modern oil furnaces are expected to last about twice as long as a natural gas system.

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