Find Out More On How To Help Your Telomeres

Because of the discovery on how a short telomere length can affect a person’s health, experts are looking for ways on how to increase its length. This can help millions of people who have already known about their situation and are already too late. This can be a great way to help so many people who suffer from different diseases due to this.

Find Out More On How To Help Your Telomeres

Abnormal aging is not the only problem that a short telomere length can give. There are so many diseases that are linked to this problem and people are dying to know on how to prevent this from happening. However, there are much simpler steps on how to lengthen telomeres and the best thing about this are it’s completely natural. You won’t have to take any medication for this.

Fishes Are Friends, Not Only Food.

Stacking up on all those Omega-3 fatty acids that fishes have been known to have helped in lengthening the telomeres. These nutrients from fishes have been researched before and a lot of studies have been conducted in order to prove this. Fishes like salmon are the best fishes that are rich in Omega-3. Eating this twice a week is already enough.

Anti-oxidants are the best “anti-shortening” of your Telomere Length

Vitamins C and E are the best kind of antioxidant vitamins that can prevent further oxidative damage to be done to your telomeres. Taking multivitamins can do so many positive changes to your body, especially to you telomere length. Just make sure that you eat antioxidant foods, too.

Maintaining A Healthy Weight

Find Out More On How To Help Your Telomeres

Due to a slow metabolism, it can be hard for you to lose weight. But it’s relevant that you control it and not become obese because certain studies show that obesity is linked to short telomeres. This causes inflammation and can damage your telomeres because of the oxidative damage brought by gaining unhealthy weight.

Exercising Is One Of The Best

Boosting your telomerase activity by increasing your physical activity is a sure way to lengthen your telomeres. Also, running or any physical activity can help reduce stress. It’s hitting two birds with one stone and that’s saying something. There are certain exercises that can endanger your telomeres more than helping it so you must be careful regarding this issue.

Stop Over-Stressing Yourself

Chronic stress is not OK especially if it already feels like it’s holding you around your neck. Too much of this can damage your overall personality and can kill your brain cells that telomeres are supposed to protect. People who have been in a very stressful situation have been found out to having a short telomere length compared to those who grew up in a peaceful and loving home.

These are important key factors that everybody should heed in order to live a long and happy life. Taking care of yourself first is more important than eating something that can damage your telomeres. You are allowed to eat processed food or smoke a cigarette, but not all the time because this can kill your cells and shorten your telomeres faster than a marathon.


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