Fishing For The Whole Family – 5 Reasons To Bring The Kids Too

When the vast majority of people think about fishing, they picture men (or women) of various ages hanging out with other people of the same age, or generally going it alone at their chosen swim. In fact, if you ask a sample group of anglers when the last time was that they took the whole family along for the ride…kids included…chances are the overwhelming majority will have never done so. And when you ask them why this is the case, some will admit they actually prefer to escape the family, but for others, it’s a case of just assuming it’s not the right outing for the family as a whole.

According to the experts at Fishing Republic however, this is quite the shame to say the least. The reason being that when you actually break fishing down to its fundamentals, it is genuinely one of the most appropriate and enjoyable activities for families with kids of all ages and has something to offer everyone. Sure, it’s a nice escape when called for, but at the same time there’s so much more to get out of fishing by taking the whole gang along at least once in a while.

Fishing For The Whole Family – 5 Reasons To Bring The Kids Too

Here’s a quick look at just a few of the reasons why involving the whole family just makes so much sense:

1 – A Break From the Screen

First of all, it’s worth bearing in mind that fishing trips are by their very nature about a million times healthier than the other kinds of ‘fun’ activities kids tend to be into these days. It has really never been harder to drag the kids away from the various screens dotted around the home, so in a sense anything that can get them out and about can’t be a bad thing. This is one of the reasons fishing is such a brilliant idea for kids of all ages – you get to totally unplug their over-connected lives and introduce them to the great outdoors.

2 – It’s Affordable

It’s not as if it’s 100% necessary to buy every member of the family their own arsenal of gear and tackle – chances are they’ll be more than happy to have a bit of a go with what you already have. As such, when compared to the vast majority of family activities that involve getting out and about with the kids, fishing can be hugely affordable – pretty much free, in fact. Pack yourself some food for the day, bring along some distractions if the fish aren’t biting and you’re good to go – it’s about as affordable as a fun-filled day out can possibly be.

3 – Anyone Can Succeed

Another of the really great things about fishing as an activity for the whole family is the way in which the fish themselves don’t discriminate by way of an angler’s sex, age or really anything else across the board. As such, there’s really no telling who of the group may have an incredibly successful outing and land a whopper to be proud of. Much of it comes down to luck as well as being in the right place at the right time, so when it comes to levelling the playing field for all involved, fishing is uniquely appealing.

4 – It’s Not All About the Fish

Technically speaking, the bonus of taking the kids on a fishing trip has nothing to do with the fish themselves. Instead, it’s more of a celebration of getting them out of the house and into the fresh open air, during which time it really doesn’t matter what they do to entertain themselves. Think of it more along the lines of a day-long camping trip where fishing is something of an optional addition to the day’s festivities – the opportunities for fun and games really are endless. Just don’t go annoying the stuffy-old boring pros at the swims around you…they have a tendency to get grumpy!

5 – Memories for Life

Last but not least, it’s so important to factor in the way in which a fishing trip with the kids has the very real potential to build incredible memories to last a lifetime. If you don’t catch a thing, you’ll still have an amazing time. And if you do catch a whopper, just think about how long the experience will live on in the memories of your kids! It’s a guaranteed good time for the whole family and one you’ll never forget – your first ever fishing outing stays with you for life, no matter what the result may be!

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