Frequent Doubts People Have Regarding Propane Heaters

While installing a new heater at home, you might be confused as to choose the type of heater that you want at your place. You might be confused between gas, electric and propane heaters for your place. Hence, it is necessary that you have knowledge about these heaters and you choose one that suits your requirements the best and you think will be of use in future.

Here are some of the common questions people generally ask before buying propane heaters –

Why should I use propane?

Propane heaters process in a similar way as methane heaters. However, the biggest advantage that propane has is that it does not emit any greenhouse gas or CO2 while burning. Also, propane is cost effective as it can be bought and stored in advance in the summer months and can be utilized at a later date when you want. Therefore, it makes it very convenient and reliable.

Which company to choose?

You might be confused while choosing the company to buy propane heater. Here is a buying guide on selecting the propane company from whom you can buy the heater.

  • First, check the safety record and history of the company with different customers.
  • Check the activities of the company with the regulatory agencies linked with the company.
  • The policies of the company must be read in advance and all doubts must be cleared beforehand.

Why is there propane leakage during delivery?

When delivering propane, the bleeder valve of the cylinder is kept open. This is done intentionally because it indicates the liquid level of the tank and indicates the driver when he has to stop the filing process of the gas in the tank.

How much gas is lost in a leak?

A small leak of the gas from the heater might result in loss of almost a few gallons of gas over a period of time. Hence, it is necessary that all the leaks are kept well in check and in case any leak is found in the cylinder, it should be immediately looked after and taken care of in due time.

How to dispose of the propane cylinder?
It is necessary that propane cylinders of all sizes must be discarded safely. Once the gas is empty in the tank, it is recommended that one must leave the tank with the company from which it was initially bought. This is by far the safest method of disposal for a common man. These companies know what should be done with the tank and they will take care of it from there on.


If one has these common doubts regarding propane cylinders and their proper use in the house then it is necessary that all these doubts are cleared well in advance, This way, there is no confusion later and one is clear as to how the cylinder is to be operated and how it is to be disposed of in the end once its lifetime is over.

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