Fun For Everyone In Arizona

Scottsdale is an excellent place to travel in the southwestern United States. This city has all of the luxuries of large metropolis while maintaining the appeal of a smaller city. Here are a few tips for those visiting Scottsdale to make their vacation great.

Rent Bicycles

Scottsdale is the largest cities in Arizona and has a ton of sites for visitors. Renting bicycles is one of the best ways to get around the city and see all of the wonderful attractions. The city of Scottsdale has invested in bike paths that run throughout the entire city, offering tourists and locals an easy way to maneuver throughout the city. These bike paths can be taken throughout the city center as well as along the outskirts of the city. A family friendly Scottsdale hotel and resort should rent bicycles to their guests.

Go Golfing

Besides mountains and deserts, Arizona is also famous for its wide selection of golf courses. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, golfing is a great activity for everyone visiting Scottsdale. The city is littered with lush, green golf courses that all feature 18-holes, fully equipped restaurants and bars. These clubhouses are more than welcoming to new guests and tourists. The golf courses in Scottsdale are also more affordable than some other courses found throughout the United States. There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a great round of golf on a sunny day. The desert and mountains offer a pristine backdrop, making Arizona a one-of-a-kind location to play golf.

Stay Hydrated

Arizona sees some of the hottest temperatures in the entire United States. Even during the winter months, visitors can expect to break a sweat in Scottsdale. While strolling around the city, many tourists will forget to drink enough water. This may not be an issue in some cooler places. However, the temperature in Scottsdale will exacerbate this problem. It is critical that tourists drink plenty of water throughout the day in order to stay hydrated. There is nothing worse than feeling lethargic or having a headache because of a lack of water.

Wear Sunscreen

In addition to being a warm city, Scottsdale also experience extremely strong sun. With little rainfall and clear skies year round, tourists in Arizona can always count on a sunny day. In fact, this is one of the many reasons that travelers love to visit this southern paradise. It is important to wear enough sunscreen to help protect against the strong sun rays. Experts recommend applying every few hours. Nobody wants to get a bad burn while on vacation in Scottsdale. It is also helpful to have a pair of UV sunglasses when strolling around outside on a very sunny day.

Go Hiking

Arizona is famous for its beautiful deserts and captivating mountains. Scottsdale is surrounded by a large mountain range that has some excellent hiking options. Papago Park is a preserved area with countless hiking routes ranging from mild to more difficult. Visitors should also make sure to hike the famous Camelback Mountain. This strenuous hike offers spectacular views of the city from above. ‘Hole in the Rock’ is another stunning natural feature that should be see while visiting Scottsdale. Years of erosion have carved distinct holes in massive stones. These natural wonders are truly something to be seen.

These tips can help make a vacation to Scottsdale unforgettable.


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