Get the CT scan done at a reputable centre in Mumbai

Medical treatments and procedures are way different than what it used to be in the last decade. Times have changed significantly, and the medical field has progressed a lot. The integration of the new procedures, technologies, courses, treatments, effective medicines, etc. has led to a decrease in the rate of health concerns.

The new age methods of scanning such as the X-ray scans, CT scans, MRI scans, etc. have made it easier for the doctors, surgeons, and physicians to get the better insights into the actual case. When these scanning methods were not available, then the doctor had to go into the surgery without any prior info of the exact location of the body where the issue. Often they had to rely on the unorthodox methods, but due to the scanning methods, the situation has improved a lot. Now the scan shows the surgeons the accurate details and image where the work has to be done. CT scan is also referred to sometimes as the CAT scan.

Mumbai is highly regarded as the top city of India and one of the widely famous cities of the world. A lot of top medical facilities are situated in Mumbai, and as a result, one can go for the best ct scan in Mumbai. Even the top-rated doctors, surgeons and physicians work with the renowned hospitals here and use the state-of-the-art facility to get the best results.

How to find a reliable centre for the CT scan?

The present scenario is such that one can easily find any type of information online and that too instantaneously. The digital era has ensured that the right to information is an assured thing. If one is searching for the centre of CT scan in the locality or city, then all a person has to do is to open up the local search engines and type the keywords such as ct scan in Mumbai and the results will be displayed on the screen instantly. After that, it is a simple procedure of shortlisting the centres on the basis of testimonials and reviews which can be availed on any portal or website. One can also ask around in their circle of family and friends because there is a chance that they may have undergone the treatment or know of someone who has had the treatment. Moreover, this way proper information can also be availed about the experience of the patient at the particular centre.

For what CT scan is used for?

CT scan is the acronym for computerized topography. It is a scan which is used for the creation of cross-sectional images of the body. The images that are availed from the X-ray scan are not that clear and lack certain details. However, the CT scan provides more detailed and accurate info and can even display the blood vessels, soft tissues, and the bones in several areas of the body. The scan can be used for the visualization of the

  • Head
  • Spine
  • Shoulders
  • Heart
  • Knee
  • Abdomen
  • Chest

The way the CT scan works is that when the scan takes place, the patient is placed in a machine while the machine rotates and keeps on taking the X-rays from different angles. The pictures that got captured are then received by a computer where the images get combined for the creation of the cross-section of the body. It is usually done in a doughnut-shaped machine so that the patients that have issues with enclosed spaces will not face any difficulties.

The requirement of performing the CT scan

The method is well preferable for the diagnosis of the disease and the evaluation of the injuries. But this aspect is for the patients, and the CT scan is also helpful to the doctors as well. This method can help the doctor to

  • Pinpoint the exact and accurate location of the tumours and masses quite efficiently.
  • Diagnosing of the muscle disorders, bone fractures, and infections
  • Assessment of the internal bleeding and internal injuries and determine the extent of them.
  • Proper study of the internal structures and blood vessels
  • The effectiveness of the treatments for severe medical conditions can be easily monitored such as heart disease, cancer, etc.
  • It also gives the doctor a perfect approach to the procedures of surgery and biopsy.

The aspect of risks from the CT scan

The risks associated with the CT scan are very few. It is true that CT scans tend to emit radiations more in comparison to X-rays,but it should be understood that the risk of cancer is very negligible if only one scan is done. However, the chances of cancer can increase over the longer time duration if the multiple CT scans are done in the area of abdomen and chest.

The allergic reaction to the contrast material like iodine can also be conceived. If the patient suffers from the allergy to iodine, then the physician has to be notified of the same so that proper steps can be taken of it.

If the radiologists do not see any abnormality in the reports, then it can be said that the results are normal. The absence of blood clots, tumours, fractures is a good thing. However, if anything is detected, then the patient has to undergo the proper treatment or tests.

The procedure of the CT scan is not painful and does not hurt at all, but the experience of each person is not the same as some patient reported that they felt anxious while lying under the scanner. However, the aspect of radiation can be a bit of hurdle,so that is why the pregnant women and children are not exposed to the CT scan unless it is a severe concern.

It is recommended that after proper research and verification, the CT scan centre should be consulted as it would have the experts who are proficient in the procedure so that the accurate and satisfactory results can be availed.

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