How Can you Increase Productivity and Introduce Your New Clothing Line

It’s essential to make sure your business is operating smooth and fast, and productivity is working at its best. When introducing a new clothing line, you want it to be brought to market seamlessly and smoothly. Here are some tips for introducing that new fashion line:

1. Utilize Paid Advertising For Your Brand

Many brands advertise online with paid social media ads. Some of the platforms include:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Etsy

Paid social media ads can bring a way to showcase your fashions, target customers, offer discounts, and promote your brand.

Some ideas for Search Engine Marketing includes Google Ads strategies that can keep you competitive. You can also use Bing Ads and Youtube. Google Shopping and branded search campaigns are other means of advertising. Pay-per-click is recommended only if you have at least 250 percent markup margins. With Google shopping ads, visual design is enhanced, and professional photography may be needed. These ads may need optimization of:

  • Colors
  • Titles
  • Dynamic repricing
  • Sales promotions

If you don’t already have a great website, invest in one that presents your fashion brand. It’s a great way to introduce new styles as they are being launched in the stores. You don’t want to show them before being available, as copying could be a problem. Once you have a website, it can be linked to your ads on Facebook or another site.

Consider getting help with your paid advertising; you want your ads to look professional and present your fashion product in the most appealing way possible.

2. Consider “Plus” Sizing For Your Products

Plus-sizes are coming into their own these days, as the size of the average person has increased.

With the trend towards a more positive body image for all, plus sizes are needed now more than ever. According to the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education, the average American woman is a size 16 to 18.

You may want to take advantage of this trend when it comes to sizing your fashion products. You can even narrow your niche to cater to plus-sizes. Jumping on the bandwagon and getting your new products, with the plus-size in mind, can be very beneficial to your company. When it comes to getting those larger products out quicker, here is an even better tip to consider.

3. Use Product Lifecycle Management Software For Retail Stores

What is Product Lifecycle Management? PLM for retail stores allows you to create assortments while bringing the line to the stores quickly. Buyers and merchandisers can rely on the fact that PLM for retail stores is a tool for fashion retailers as well as for the product innovators and suppliers.

Product Lifecycle Management software can speed up the time it takes to bring the product to market. Some brands are noting that their time to market was 15 days sooner with the use of this software.

These three tips can help you increase productivity and sales as well as bring new products to your customers quickly and more efficiently.

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