How Charity Allows To Live A Spiritually and Financially Contented Life?

All have heard of how the entire community considers charity to be one of the greatest virtues. Although there are multiple religions that exist in the world, the biggest of all religion is humanity, and it makes sense if one involves in helping others, whose blood is of the same color. Charity doesn’t mean only to donate money, rather one must use their energy, talent, resources, and whatever needed to come to some help.

The basic spirit behind doing charity in religion is sharing what God has gifted to those who lack it, or have lost it by sheer misfortune. It also means to give justice to the fellow human beings and serve God as all are children of the one Almighty. Charles Phillips’ wife with the help of Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Organizations has delved into numerous such philanthropic services and have been providing financial aid to not only single parents, but also those who deserve to live a satisfying life.

The entire world, in spite of being aware of the association of charity with religion, finds multiple such instances where people involve in charitable activities only because of some mundane and worldly recognition. The reasoning sense of such charitable actions might not hold very strong, since man takes birth in this world not just to make individual improvements, but also to allow the entire humanity to progress. There are umpteen number of examples where rich businessmen have dedicated the last stage of their lives in the service of the rest of the world, and Charles Phillips is one of them. He was not known to be highly motivated by the religious approach, but still had the inherent desire and motivation to do some good to the society, and in a sense fulfill the desire of the God.

How Charity Allows To Live A Spiritually and Financially Contented Life

Why do these men prefer doing charity at a certain stage of life? Apart from serving the community, donating some amount of money also reap benefits to the donors as well. The value of money reduces when it turns out to be excess, since its more of a liability rather than being an asset. Those who are not equally privileged to lead a luxurious life, are highly anxious of these men, and hence being rich seems to be a bane to them rather than a boon.

Other than that, Charles Phillips’ wife believes that charity in reality is the test of belief in God. According to her, there’s hardly any change on the people or the world to whom charity is being given, rather it transforms the person who gives the charity. All actions have some results, and charity is no exception to it. The help that has been done to the world, is paid back in the same coin.

One need not wait for the afterlife to get the real benefits of donating- other than the spiritual divinity, there are scopes for one to gain tax benefits as well. This is another reason why most people engage in donating to charities. The result is much more contented life for the donor as he also signifies in releasing the debts of the world and that of God as well.

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