How Contact Redirecting Application Helps?

With the increasing competition nowadays, companies should think smart and creatively as to how they can reach out and sell to potential clients. Lead companies can help them in managing their ads and turning them into sales. However, handling what could be thousands of calls or leads a day can be very difficult and time-consuming, which is where lead distribution software comes in to help.

The beauty of these systems is that clients end up saving a lot of time. An interested buyer might change his or her mind when there is no feedback from the company or when it takes too long to get a response. This lead might end up being lost to the competitor in this case. This is why a lead distribution software with proper call routing is the perfect solution now.

Take advantage of the most advanced and integrated lead distribution system that will cover all sources. Where most software only cover web leads, you can now incorporate phone leads as well. Call routing also means that different phone numbers are assigned to each ad, making it easy to transfer or forward leads to clients. By combining lead sources in one system, there is a better, integrated way for clients to reach potential customers, leaving no interested customer unanswered.

How Contact Redirecting Application Helps

Here are some of the other call routing features that can bring a lot of benefits to the clients.

  1. Choice of Local or Toll-free Numbers: Clients may be able to choose which phone numbers to use in order to track incoming calls. They may also assign various numbers for every advertising campaign to know which ones are generating the most traffic.
  1. Call Distribution and Live Transfers: Incoming calls can be immediately routed to a call center or to salespeople to be able to respond to the customer in real time. Clients may also determine a schedule when they can be answered and by who, giving them full flexibility on managing their incoming leads.
  1. Filtering and Custom Call Flows: There are other ways to individualize the software based on the client’s needs. For example, incoming calls can be filtered to different locations or individuals who can directly address the lead as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Lost time can mean lost sales, so a fast response to a potential customer might mean the difference between closing or not.

Clients may also design a call flow based on their specifications. They may also record their own voice response to be able to gain more information about the caller and route it appropriately. Calls may be recorded and other specific information may be gathered that can help the client reach the customer as quickly as possible. They may even send SMS messages to leads if necessary.

With all this possible automation and the many benefits it can give to lead distribution companies, clients, and customers, there is no reason to not upgrade to the newest lead distribution software with call routing. Many hours of work will be avoided, and leads are addressed as quickly as possible.

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