How Long Does It Usually Take For Beacon Resources To Find An Opportunity For A Candidate?

You are looking for a job opening in accounting or a similar field, and Beacon Resources is a company that you have heard is one of the best finance recruiters. Naturally, one of your questions is, “How long would it take for the agency to find me an opportunity?”

How Long Does It Usually Take For Beacon Resources To Find An Opportunity For A Candidate?

The answer may surprise you. In fact, it could be a matter of days.

Opportunities are plentiful

In a discipline such as accounting, job openings are plentiful, and titles include accounting manager, accounts payable lead, senior accountant and technical accountant, among others. Candidates are not limited to a narrow scope of accounting jobs.

Contact is robust

Moreover, Beacon Resources employers get in touch with the agency weekly with openings that they need filled as soon as possible. Because candidates with the agency have already been vetted, the process of matching candidates to jobs can begin immediately.

Variables affect the timeline

The bottom line is that in many cases, if not most cases, you should have at least one job opportunity within a week. Variables such as where you live, the jobs you are applying for and your goals can, of course, make the process to actual employment longer or shorter compared with the timelines of other candidates. For example, Beacon Resources specializes in matching employers and employees in Chicago, San Francisco, Orange County and Los Angeles as well as other select regions. If you live elsewhere, then your opportunities could be limited.

Contact a recruiter

Candidates’ relationship with Beacon Resources often starts when they contact the agency to ask either about a specific job or to be placed in an accounting job. An executive recruiter discusses goals, skills, intangibles and more with you, and if you are accepted, performs background and reference checks. After that, you can be considered for opportunities immediately.

To get in touch with an executive recruiter today, you can use this online contact form.

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