How To Brighten Up A Small Hallway

It’s common knowledge that the hallway is one of, if not the most, neglected parts of the home. This will come as no surprise to you as the long, dark, narrow hallways of apartments or terraces can leave even the most savvy of DIY decorators stumped. Of course, there isn’t the space for elegant furniture, and although an appealing floor lamp may solve the issue of the lack of natural light, it will serve as a permanent trip hazard as you come in and out of the door.

With all this in mind, it’s tempting to put off decorating the hallway until last; or even to abandon the idea of revamping it altogether. However, as the saying goes, ‘first impressions count’ and the hallway is, after all, a guest’s first introduction to your home. So, neglecting the painting or redecorating, and leaving shoes and bags strewn across the floor, just isn’t a good look for your visitors.

However, the good news is that there are some fantastic ways to redecorate this area, which will transform your hallway into an attractive space…and maybe even turn it into a talking point! We’ll show you how with six easy ways to make the best of a small and narrow hallway.

Create a Gallery

It is possible to store hundreds of pictures of friends and family in albums or on your computer, but when do you really get the chance to look at them? One way round this is to choose your best photos and to hang them on the wall to create a hallway gallery. Group frames together and add fun pictures to make your visitors smile – they will love spotting faces they know, or better still, to see their own photo hanging on the wall of your home…you’ll make a friend for life!

Brighten with Mirrors

Mirrors are a quick and easy way to brighten a dark hallway; and if you really want to attract the light, hang one opposite a wall light, as this will double the glow in the space. Feature mirrors look stunning, and you can find mirrors in all budgets to suit the style of your home, from eco-friendly rustic mirrors with frames made from reclaimed teak or driftwood, to Art Deco mirrors, or Chinese lacquered mirrors.

Hang Decorative Coat Hooks

It’s always worth having a few coat hooks handy for you and your guests. That way your guests will know exactly where to hang their outerwear and they won’t have to think up creative ways to store them, such as on the banisters, the backs of chairs or the tops of doors. Why not buy a coat hook rack and hang a full length mirror beneath it, as the exposed parts of the mirror will bring the light in, and add a shelf just above the coat hooks to keep scarves and handbags off the floor?

Add a Bench

If you have the space, a narrow bench works well in a hallway and you can either place baskets underneath to store shoes, or go for a bench that doubles up as a chest or a shoe cupboard, to hide clutter. Benches are extremely versatile as they provide a sleek and contemporary look and the more rustic types, such as reclaimed teak benches, work well in traditional homes.

Have a Shoe Cupboard

The benefit of shoe cupboards is that they are extremely narrow, so they work well in hallways with limited space. Shoe cupboards come with at least two shelves, so you can allocate them to family members – such as a shelf for the adults and one for children. Some shoe cupboards also benefit from a top drawer, to store all your keys and loose change. A vase containing fresh flowers or ornamental twigs looks great on the top surface, and if you hang a mirror above it, or a piece of artwork, it will really brighten up this space.

Make Someone Smile

Hallways don’t have to be bland and boring. You can easily create a fun hallway by hanging up one or two quirky statements etched on wooden boards. You can buy these ready made and choose from a selection of funny comments or words to welcome your visitors. Alternatively, hang some wall art – rustic, contemporary or ethnic wall art looks fabulous in a narrow hallway.

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Rima Atthi writes for London based Puji who offer a full range of contemporary furniture and accessories for the home.

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