How To Buy The Best Racing Suits Online

Racing season is nearing. For those who are into racing, must find the importance of efficient racing suits. Wearing this suit offers protection and comfort while racing. Whether you are a beginner grassroots racer, or an expert fuel driver, with the right type of OMP Racing Suits, you are ready to face every challenge.

If you are purchasing racing suit for the first time, then there are various things you need to consider. Striking a right balance between convenience, safety and price should be the key.

How To Buy The Best Racing Suits Online

Let us see some useful tips for finding the ideal racing suit.

What is the need of a Racing Suit?

Racing is a sport where a vehicle is driven at high speed. Such high speed when combined with combustible liquids can lead to the chances of catching fire. A racing suit serves a purpose of a fire suit that protects the driver from any dangerous and life threatening circumstances.  The fabric used in these suits is resistant towards flame and do not allow the flame to penetrate inside it and harm the driver.

Which is the Best Fabric for the Suit?

Racing suits are available in cotton fabric or synthetic fabrics. Fire-retardant suits made up of cotton offers a good level of safety, but its quality reduces with every wash. Suits made up of synthetic aramid fiber offers better protection than cotton fiber suits and are less prone to degradation after laundry. That is the reason they are costlier than the cotton suits.

What should be the Ideal Weight of My Suit?

When talking about racing, your driving suit should be light in weight. The weight of a racing suit is generally measured in grams per square meter. A suit with weight of around 390 g/m² is considered to be appropriate.

Lighter suits with OMP Racing Seats offer enhanced comfort and easy to move around. It helps in keeping the body cool in the scorching hot atmosphere in the cockpit area. So choose a suit that is not only light but also offers incredible protection.

Should One go for Certified Suits?

Choosing a racing suit that carries certification by the SFI Foundation is ensured to fulfill the required safety standards. These are the standards that determine how long can the suit offer protections from burning, when it is caught on fire. Certified OMP race suits protect the wearer remarkably against second-degree burns for approximately three seconds.

In any sport, safety is the primary concern. The main objective of racing suit and other accessories is to keep the driver safe. Thus, it is very important to do a proper research and choose the suit that offers you the best protection. A durable and sturdy suit offers peace of mind and enhances the level of enjoyment to a large extent.

When choosing sports accessories, it is always recommended to go for a reputed sports store. Sube Sports offers branded and high-quality race suits that are tested to offer best fire protection, while driving the racing car. These specialized suits designed for racing are light in weight and provides a good fit to the wearer.

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