How To Choose Openers

There are several things to consider when choosing a new electric garage door opener. Making a decision is not always easy if you want to get the best possible option for the home. Being informed about the latest products is one major factor affecting your decision. Knowing details about the products is another. Though, you must also be aware of which opener parts to pay attention to for avoiding disappointment later. Garage Door Repair Richmond is here to provide the information people need. This is crucial.

Before you even start looking at models, it’s best to be sure whether you want an overhead opener or jackshaft model. Do you have enough space on the ceiling? If not, you should go with the jackshaft option. These ones are mounted against the wall and save space on the ceiling whether you need it or don’t have it. They are attached directly to the door shaft or through sprockets and chains.

How To Choose Openers

Pay Attention to the Opener’s Motor

With the garage door motors being the soul of the opening system, close attention should be given to them. Speed, noise level, and capacities are all determined by the motor. One of the first questions you will be asked when purchasing a new opener will be whether you want chain, screw or belt drive openers. The main difference is related to the noise they create with belt drive operators being the quietest ones. Screw drive openers have fewer parts and can open the door with a speed reaching 10-12”/second. Chain drive options are considered the strongest ones, but also the noisiest.

The second thing to consider in terms of the motor is the horsepower. The opener is always chosen in accordance to the weight of the door. It must have adequate power to lift the door or it will obtain damage, too soon. For average residential sectional doors, ½ hp is adequate. If you have heavy wood doors, one piece ones or heavier doors than average, choose ¾ hp motors. The additional power is what your door needs so the motor won’t be suffering and receive damage. 1 hp motors are used for extremely heavy and huge garage doors.

One thing consumers fail to consider when selecting a new opener is the current. Till recently most motors were AC (alternating current). Today with technology evolved, many openers have DC (direct current) motors. AC motors are designed to last for long and DC motors are ideal for high tech accessories. Many manufacturers produce DC motors, since they can incorporate soft start and soft stop features. This feature makes movement softer and quieter. The door doesn’t vibrate and damage is eliminated. DC motors also integrate backup batteries, which allow customers to use the door even when the power is out.

DC options are often better because they are controlled easier with all this new technology related to garage door openers. They are also smaller in size, helping manufacturers fit more features in the opener unit. Since the DC powered openers are technologically speaking more advanced, they are a great option for those interested in sophisticated accessories. For the same reason, they also advance quickly and possibly it won’t be long before AC powered motors become obsolete. A decade back, DC motors were designed to last for only 5-10 years. Today they last as long as AC motors. They develop fast and that’s excellent news for all those wanting to invest in long lasting, powerful, and high tech openers.

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