How To Create A Feature Wall That Stands Out

There are numerous ideas for feature walls. You can apply different types of things ranging from tiles to textiles or wallpaper to wood to create such a special focal point. A feature wall can make a room special and draw the attention of the guests. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to create a dramatic wall:

Natural stones to create a distinct look. They bear such a stand-alone beauty that it becomes easy to transform an ordinary wall into a focal point. You can also expose the brickwork of a wall and make it the heart of any room of your house. Such a feature is somewhat rustic, but natural stones have the versatility to blend into any décor scheme. You can further decorate it with LED tea light to change its look into a beautiful ambient art piece.

How To Create A Feature Wall That Stands Out

Keep simple with wainscoting. A feature wall is to create a dramatic impact, but you have to be careful if the space is small. A smaller room can easily feel cluttered and crowded if you become ambitious. Create architectural interest on a plain wall by using large pieces of panels applied in a grid pattern.

The best solution is to use custom wainscoting design. Most people use a coat of white paint on the wainscot paneling as a safe and classic bet. However, using a dark or rich color is an excellent way to highlight its decorative features. Wainscoting in hallways, entries, dining rooms, or kid’s bedrooms can become a striking design element when painted in a shade that is contrasting to the rest of the color palette.

How To Create A Feature Wall That Stands Out

Unusual wall treatments. Painting the wall with a bright, vibrant color is a popular way to create a statement piece. You can use the same technique but with a twist! Avoid the usual red, blue, or yellow and choose something that will catch attention, immediately.

Paint a feature wall with pumpkin orange or select a metallic paint and apply a rust activator to it to create a different look. If the statement wall is for your dining room or kitchen, go with a combination of orange, red, and gold because they are considered as appetite-stimulating colors.

Most people go with the trends such as wallpaper or paint. You can do so much better than that! Purchase emboss leather tiles and install them on an entire wall of your home office or living space. The rich leather tone will look gorgeous and give the place a luxurious vibe.

Use simple wood. While many people like to be adventurous and experiment with murals, paint, or wallpaper to give their home a unique look, some still like the elegance and simplicity of natural wood. A wood-clad feature wall brings warmth and a welcoming vibe into a room. The natural tone will also be soothing for the eyes and calm your senses.

Personalize with wall coverings. Most people go with the traditional printed wallpaper, but you can improvise the concept and use it as a canvas to display your personal taste. Are you the literary type? Why not custom-print some famous poems or other literary works on a piece of wallpaper and use it to create the feature wall? Take colorful pages from vintage magazines or your favorite comic books and cover an entire wall to tell a story. Small posters are also a great design element to create something that stands out from the rest. Take printouts of your favorite superheroes or movies and stick them to a wall of your bedroom.

You don’t need to be overly dramatic with a feature wall. Keep it simple but try to implement some innovative ideas to create a high impact. You can create it anywhere in your home, and it will bring a truly individual style of that room.

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