How To Design Your Website With A Strong Social Signal

In today’s fast paced world, social media is becoming increasingly important. It is the driving force behind political change, has a major influence on business, and keeps friends connected even when they live half a world away.

Social media is also important for SEO. In fact, social signals are a rising trend in designing good search engine optimization for your websites. And the best way to ensure a successful social signal is with a good design.

How To Design Your Website With A Strong Social Signal

Why Do Social Signals Matter?

It is true that most of the big search engines don’t share the exact algorithms they use to determine rankings. It is increasingly evident, though, that the number of “likes”, “followers”, “friends” and “circles” you attain will directly affect your site’s rankings. Google now considers a wide spectrum of social networking signals they largely ignored them a few short years ago.

Social sites are also a great way to create back links, which remain one of the leading factors in good SEO. After all, when people share your links on Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other social sites, they point back to your site.

One of the best things about social networks is their social aspect. When you enjoy a strong social signal it means you’re connected to your customer base. You are responsive to their needs and provide them a way reach you simply and easily. In fact, the social aspect may be more important than the links, likes and all the other things social networks provide.

Social Networks Give You Visible Value

The best way to attract and keep customers is by providing value on your websites and making it known on your social sites. This is a simple process, but can be tricky. Most social media sites have limitations on what will be visible. For instance, Twitter only allows 140 characters per “tweet.” Therefore you must give some thought into your execution.

When designing a web page, give careful thought about the images you use, the page they appear on, and where they are located on that page. You want your images to show up when your site is shared on Facebook or Pinterest. Ask yourself if your images are appealing? Will people want to click through to see more?

Along with your images, the number of words you use is crucial. What will show if someone links your site to their Facebook page? Are you using the most effective 140 characters on Twitter? You must provide words that will create a desire to read more. Designing a web page that looks good on its own and shows what you want it to show on a social site is an art. It will take time and experience to learn how to design your pages to get these results.

What people see when they click through to your page is very important. The top of your page has to grab the attention of your readers and create in them a desire to read more and share with others.

Focus On Your Customers

Social media should be used as a way to attract customers and make them want to visit your website. It will not work if you try to push people somewhere they don’t want to go. Your customers will quickly skim all their options, but will only click on links they find appealing. Hard sells are never appealing.

Obviously your goal is to make money. Your customer’s goal, however, is to be educated, entertained or receive some type of value. You must stay focused on their goals if you want to attract them. Design your web pages so they are pleasing to visit, but make sure they provide content that is educational, entertaining, or provides value. If people enjoy visiting your website, they will also enjoy visiting your store!

Keep In Mind Social Design

As social media continues to grow, your social signal will become more and more important. Take some time to learn about designing your websites to attract customers and provide the a really good social signal.

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