How to Explore Varanasi with Maharaja Express Luxury Train

Varanasi is an important pilgrimage spot in the country. It is considered as the Hindu capital of India. When it comes to luxury trains, itineraries tend to keep itself away from pilgrimage sites as much as possible to provide interesting tour to every individual inside the train. However, Maharajas’ Express has boldly included Varanasi in its itinerary and has converted this pilgrimage site to an interesting tourist attraction with the right choice of activities.

In the Maharajas’ Express Journeys, Indian Panorama itinerary covers Varanasi on the sixth day of the tour. On Day Five, the train starts its journey from Khajuraho and reaches Varanasi railway station by the next day early morning. The train halts at the station and tourists are expected to start the day of sightseeing right after breakfast onboard. This article will talk in detail about Maharajas’ Express style of vacationing in Varanasi.


The tour starts with the excursion to the Varanasi Silk Center. The Benaras Silk or Varanasi Silk is a very famous and expensive heirloom of Indians. These silk materials runs in families within the female heir as a tradition and value of the ancestors. You will be taken to the silk weaving center to watch the silk articles being weaved with the authentic tools. If desired, you can buy souvenirs from the center. The quality of the product will be the best in this center when compared to other parts of the city.

Varanasi Silk Center


The lunch will be presented in one of the lavishing hotels in Varanasi. Remember that meat and alcohol are usually restricted in Varanasi. After lunch, you will be taken on a road trip to Sarnath, a nearby Buddhist and Jainism pilgrimage site. In Sarnath, you will be taken to numerous monuments, temples, museums and deer parks. After spending a few hours in Sarnath, you will be taken back to Varanasi, via road transportation.



You will reach Varanasi right in time to witness the iconic Ganga Aarti. You will be taken on a boat ride on River Ganges right in the time of sunset. Sunset Ganga ride is one of the important activity of Varanasi tourism. As you watch the sun plunge down and spread darkness, the Dashashwamedh Ghat becomes more beautiful with the iconic ritual of Aarti. You get to watch the whole ritual from the river, on a boat. This ritual is one of the most photographed event in the country. Thus, do not forget your cameras.

The Aarti ends by 7 or 7:30 in the evening and you will be taken back to the train for dinner and overnight stay. From the Varanasi railway station, the train starts towards Lucknow to continue with the itinerary.

Ganga Aarti

Tips for Varanasi Day

  1. Avoid smoking, drinking, consuming meat or other tobacco products during your visit to Varanasi.
  2. You are not expected to wear the traditional attire of the land. Maharajas’ Express Train does not lay strict rules for dressing. Yet, you are visiting a traditional land, whichis closely linked with the culture. Thus, both the gender should try to dress modestly.
  3. Public display of love should be avoided in this city, as much as possible.
  4. You might or might not be a follower of Hinduism. This does not gives you the liberty to publicly shame or humiliate any of the culture or interest of the religion.
  5. Shopping is a very essential part of Varanasi trip. Make sure to buy unique souvenirs like brass items, ritual items, deities and others.
  6. If you are visiting during any religious times, the city might be too crowded. Be careful with your belongings and children.

With unique activities and timely attractions, the itinerary tries to cover Varanasi as a beautiful place to enjoy the local culture of the land. You can find people expressing their religion with unique rituals and performances that you might not find elsewhere in the world.

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