How To Protect The Carpet Quality And Long Term Durability?

Carpets are one of the classiest ways of decorating the house. They not only make the house look good but also give protection from the cold. Naturally, they are precious possessions of their proud owners who try to keep their carpets in the best condition possible.

The Problems that may arise to Harm the Quality or Durability of the Carpets:

There are several problems that may occur, harming the quality and durability of a precious carpet. The most common problem that carpets face is dust and dirt. The regular dust may get trapped in the fibrous surface of the carpet. Grease also gets transferred to the carpets and make them sticky enough to catch a lot of dirt. Moreover, being careless around the carpet can lead to stains. Washing in the wrong manner hampers the durability of the carpet. Though there are several covers and cleaning agents available in the market for the cleaning and protection of carpets, their wrong use can lead to discoloration of the carpet, or even harm the quality. So, one needs to be fully informed about the guidelines of taking care of a carpet.

How To Protect The Carpet Quality And Long Term Durability?

How should Carpets be Taken Care Of?

The most important part of having a carpet is taking good care of it in the right manner. This includes the method of cleaning and protecting the carpet.

  • Carpets should be vacuumed regularly, about twice a week, to keep off any grime. They should be cleaned with hot water extractor at least once a year. Most vacuum cleaners have beater bar brushes, specially engineered for cleaning carpets, rugs etc. They are a helpful tool for cleaning the carpet. However, it is important to adjust the carpet in the right manner: it should not be set all the way down. The brushes should be barely touching the fibres, otherwise there will be matting. Some cleaners have self- adjusting beater bar brushes.
  • For stain removal, there are stain treatment sprays. But, if used excessively, they leave a yellow tinge on the carpet. So, they should be used only as recommended.
  • Adhesive plastic films are available in the market to provide a cover to the carpet. Though these work well for many, there are certain steps and guidelines that need to be followed. Most people complain about sticky adhesive residue on the carpet fibres and their discoloration, as a result of usage of the plastic covers. Only the covers which have water base should be used. They should not be installed on wet carpet. They should not be used on carpet spread on newly poured cement flooring to avoid trapping the moisture of the incompletely cured cement that can lead to discoloration. There are several such recommendations given by the manufacturer, which must be followed.
  • Though there is vacuuming, dry cleaning with different agents, or protective agents, at some point, the carpet needs to be washed. This has to be done using detergent. They can also be dried out with chemical absorption. Professional cleaners are the best help in this regard.

If taken care of properly, a carpet can continue to enhance the look of the house and give protection from heat for a very long time.

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