How To Protect Your Children from Internet Criminal

There are so many risks, concerns and emotions of the real world and school transferred to social networks. So how comfortable are you with your kid sitting in front of the computer every day? Unfortunately, we are witnesses of bullying and sexual abuse, which are the cause of a large number of suicides among minors worldwide.TAG It services Toronto knows how dangerous the Internet can be for your children.

How To Protect Your Children from Internet Criminal

Parents are relatively computer illiterate, but it is important to understand what’s going on. In the past parents used to put their kids in front of the television so that they can have some time for themselves. But now, parents use computers for that purpose. It is used as a babysitter, so parents should not have to deal with the child. Children also enter the other world, which creates a dependency on computers, online games, and social media.

The brain of a child develops through interaction with the environment. The younger generation that grows up with technology is so different than the older generation that can actually live without spending a day in front of a computer. But kids can’t imagine their lives without computers and social media. The children develop a lack of attention, they do not have a multitasking ability, hyperactivity, with slight and mild form of autism. Therefore, it is said that children are digital natives, because they grow up with these technologies, and the parents are digital newcomers.

In order for a child to be safe while using the internet, the most important thing is to maintain good relations with the child.

If the parents are aware of each activity of their child they will notice if the child has changed their behavior. If that is the case, the parents should have an open conversation with the child and ask them what is wrong.

Of course, you cannot make your children weirdos and do not let them spend time in front of the computer. Yes, they can even have profiles on social media when then turn 13, but you must monitor their behavior. This is not a violation of privacy. You must know all the friends of your children and teach them how to behave in front of strangers.

Lots of children are being abused on social media and not to mention in person. If a child doesn’t have a profile on social media, other children will make fun of him/ her, which will bring their self – confidence down. This can have a huge impact in the future. As a parent you always need to have open conversations with your child and explain them the positive and negative things of using the internet. It can be used to learn something new, read a book, watch an educational video and so on. As long as you follow some simple rules, you will protect your child.

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