How to start a business in Sharjah

business set up in Sharjah, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you. This is because it is at a very prime location and the environment is really business friendly as well. The population of Sharjah is growing which is making it even great for the sake of business purpose.

Companies of all sectors

Because of the prime location and growing business, the people have started the business setup companies in Sharjah to a great extent. Sharjah business setup consultants are the ones you can inquire about all the stuff.

Here is what you need to know about UAE business setup consultancy Sharjah and its types of companies that are being operated in UAE

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A company having limited liability is referred to as the limited liability company. In A limited liability company, the number of partners cannot exceed more than 50 partners and also, they shouldn’t be less than 20. There is a required of the partner in LLC and in every case, the partner who is the national of UAE will have ahold of 51 per cent of shares.

Process & Requirements

Partnership Company

The company that is formed by the two people or more than that, it will be referred to as a partnership company. All partners must be the nationals of UAE in this case.

Process & Requirements

Local Services Agent License or Business Partnership License

When a single person has a hold over the economy of a company, the establishment formed in such a way would be referred to as an individual establishment. That single person will be liable to bear all the obligations of the establishment mainly financial obligations.

Process & Requirements

Foreign Company Branch

When the company of some foreign country is based in UAE, it is called a foreign company branch. The concerned parties must submit the application for the preliminary license.

Process & Requirements

Local Company Branch

If the company is based in a different emirate, it will be considered as a local company branch. For this purpose, an application must be submitted for the sake of getting a license for the company’s establishment.

Process & Requirements

GCC Company Branch

It is a company that is based in a GCC country. The concerned parties must submit the application for GCC company branch for establishing a company from some other GCC country.

Process & Requirements

Public and Private Shareholding Companies

It is a sort of company in which the whole of the shares of the company is divided into tradeable shares that are equal.  This means that all the shareholders will be liable to only their own shares and not of their partners.

A private shareholding company is the one which is subjected to all the rules as well as the regulations of Public Joint Stock Companies.


Company formation ins Sharjah is really opportunistic or those who really want to increase their business’ health in comparatively lesser time. You can choose any of the above company types to make sure that you provide your services and products to the public in the best way.

By getting business setup services in Sharjah from the Sharjah business setup consultants like FAR consulting Middle east, you will get an insight about how the things can work for you in this city of UAE.


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