How To Structure A Great Essay

Are you finding it difficult to write an academic essay because you’re not sure about its structure? While you can always use a writing service to secure top grades, you can also learn a few techniques to help construct a perfect essay. Writing a convincing essay means presenting a coherent set of ideas in an argument. The structure of your essay ensures that every idea is in the order that makes complete sense to a reader. There is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ essay structure, but there are certain guidelines you can use to construct most types of essays.

How To Structure A Great Essay

Write a Solid Introduction

Essay writing is like building a house because you will always need a strong foundation to finish both tasks properly. Your introductory paragraph will lay the foundation and help persuade your readers of an idea based on evidence. In this paragraph, you need to set the tone for your essay and use this space to establish your authority.  Write something about your topic and explain a bit about what the central issue is. You can introduce a thesis statement here or pose a question that will lead to the main idea of your essay.  While it’s true that your reader will not understand your idea completely until your conclusion, your beginning will always indicate the direction your essay will take.  Finish your first paragraph with a concluding sentence that takes your reader nicely into your essay body.

Write Highly-Focused Body Paragraphs

Be sure to introduce a specific issue in every paragraph. Begin with a topic sentence and state what you will be discussing in the paragraph. Now, explain your point in detail with the help of contextual information. Support your argument with an example and finish with a summary of thekey point you’ve covered in the paragraph. You can write as many paragraphs as you want using the same technique.

Finish it with a Bang

The conclusion/last paragraph of your essay is your last chance to convince your readers about your main idea.  It is also your chance to present yourself as a writer and thinker. The impression your last paragraph creates will stay with your readers even after they have finished reading. Be sure to restate your thesis statement and write a brief summary of your main points. Make sure that your final paragraph conveys a sense of closure and completeness.

Revise, Revise, and Revise Some More

After you’ve written a great introduction, some highly convincing body paragraphs, and a perfect summary in the final paragraph, you need to read your essay through. Even if you think there’s nothing wrong in your essay, be sure to check it for grammatical, stylistic, structural, and typographical mistakes.  Read it a few times and you will find several places where you can make some changes to make your point more succinctly.  It is true that revision takes time, and often feels quite boring, but you need to avoid shortcuts to have a clearer, more persuasive essay.

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