Important Facts About Basketball That Makes The Game Much More Interesting

Basketball is a very interesting game and there are many basketball fans throughout the world. David Berkowitz, a Physics student of the Duke University is a die hard fan of basketball. He has been watching basketball from a very long time and knows a lot of details about this game.

Important Facts About Basketball That Makes The Game Much More Interesting

Certain important facts about basketball are given below:

  • Basketball was invented in the year 1891 in the United States. Today basketball has become immensely popular throughout the world.
  • Till the year 1929 basketball was played with soccer balls.
  • When the game of basketball started the ball used to be brown in color. However with time the color of the basketball became brighter and it is now orange in color. Today there are certain important leagues that are played with multicolored balls as well.
  • In the olden days the hoops of the basket balls were made up of backboards and peach baskets. The backboards were made up of wire. So it was quite tough to rallying off these hoops.
  • In the year 1949 the Basket Ball Association of America and the National Basketball league together formed the National Basketball association. The league at that time had a total of 17 franchisees.
  • There were also backboards added because the spectators who used to sit in the balconies often tried to handle the basketball themselves.
  • The National Collegiate Athletic Association was the refinement ground for a number of basketball stars and this association was banned between the years 1967 and the year 1976.
  • In the year 1936 Basketball became a part of the Olympic Games.
  • The technique of playing basketball where one basketball player throws the basketball near the basket and one of the teammates of the player tries to catch it was legalized in the year 1994 by the International Basketball Federation.

David Berkowitz Chicago has been associated with basketball for a very longtime and is aware of all the important details about this game. He is a very passionate supporter of the Blue Devils. He always tries to make it a point not to miss any of the basketball matches. He makes sure that he watches all the games thoroughly and also tries to keep a note of all the important facts about basketball.

David Berkowitz Chicago has his home town in North Carolina and apart from being a diehard basketball fan is also a student of Physics in the Duke University. He ensures that apart from being a good student he is also aware of all the important details and facts about this game. David Berkowitz stays in Chicago and loves this place. He is very passionate about whatever he does. He makes sure that he follows each basketball match and also understands the important techniques of this game. There are also a number of other benefits associated with basketball and David Berkowitz is also aware of all such benefits. So if you want any information that is related to this world popular game then David Berkowitz will be the best person to provide you with all such details.

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