Important Facts About Cannon Gun Safes That Everyone Needs To Know!

Cannon has been making the safes and keeping the guns safe and secure for many customers for last 50 years. There are many same manufacturing companies which have entered the markets, but the cannon safes are still popular with customers and it is evident that the customers find Cannon, a trustworthy safe manufacturing company. The reason behind this popularity and the trust shown by the customers in Cannon safes is because of certain facts and reasons. These facts have made Cannon safes, most safe and secure places to keep the guns as well as the valuables in the home.

Important Facts About Cannon Gun Safes That Everyone Needs To Know!

The facts which make Cannon different from Other Safe Manufacturing Companies

  • Cannon is always trying to improve and striving to offer the best quality products to their customers so that they can protect themselves and their families from damages and harm.
  • The additional deadbolts installed in the cannon safes are stronger as compared to the other safes and therefore they offer better resistance. The anti-pry tabs in the safe mean that the safes cannot be pried open easily.
  • The fire resistance capacity of the Cannon safes is much higher than the other safes available in the market as the safes can endure the heat up to 1200 F for almost an hour.
  • The lock area of the Cannon safes is made stronger because the triple hard plate is used for better protection and better resistance in the area of locking mechanism.
  • The Dual access EMP lock is the concept installed in the safes by Cannon for the first time. This system is actually a way in which you can access your safe if the electronic mechanism in the electronic locks in your Cannon safes are malfunctioning or shut off due to various reasons such as flood, fire or other man-made problems like dead batteries etc. In such scenarios, you will be able to access your safe with the EMP lock system.
  • Cannon offers a warranty against their safes for various scenarios which mean that customers can get their safes repaired or parts replaced for the lifetime of the safe in case of break-ins or thefts or damage to the safe due to fire or flood etc.

The cannon safes are designed in such a way that they will protect your guns as well as the valuables in emergencies so that you will be able to protect yourself and your family from danger if there is a need to do so.They offer the best quality safes at quite competitive prices and there is a large variety to choose from suitable for requirements of size as well as budget.

Depending on the number of guns and firearms owned by you, you will need to buy a gun safe and Cannon offers many gun safes with capacity from 5 guns to almost 80 guns in one safe. So you will not have to purchase a different small gun safe for different guns you own. Such large safes have adjustable shelves so that all types of firearms can be kept neatly and in an orderly manner inside the safe. Keeping ammunitions and guns safe is important for various reasons. You need to keep the firearms away from the small kids in your family because the kids are naturally curious about them but lack the education and control to use them properly. This can cause serious accidents or damages to your home or even other family members. Keeping the guns safe from the intruders, thieves or burglars is also important to keep your family as well as your valuable safe from the, if they get hold of the guns in your home, then you will not be able to keep your family safe and Cannon safes have been helping to keep your family safe for last 50 years.

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