JJRC H20 Review

JJRC H20 is a new iPod Nano scaled hex copter centered on 6x12mm applied engines, it has a light-weight nasty body, detachable brace security officers & a detachable 150mah battery power. Journey ways include headless, go back to house & an auto flip operate.

JJRC H20 Review


  • With Headless Method, no need to modify the position of airplane before traveling.
  • One key to send back operate makes it easily to look for the way house.
  • 4 Route which can do rise, come down, forward, in reverse, left sideward fly, right sideward fly and moving 360°
  • It has 6-axis gyro which can have more constant traveling and be easy to control
  • It can recognize 3D crumbling in four guidelines with 4 LED lighting.
  • Lightweight airframe with nice durability

Battery Protection

The battery power on the JJRC-H20 has changed polarity in comparison to some other little new iPod Nano quadriceps so be aware getting additional battery power, the wrong one can cause damage to routine panel and offered us wire might fry battery power if not appropriate polarity, always check. Bang good has appropriate alternative battery power tap here.

The battery power reviewed 3.7V 150mah Battery again be aware of improvements described previously.

The remote provides three levels of traveling. First is low when you first activate hex and then remote, and is ideal for a starter. The next is method which has excellent yaw motions and excellent message, I use this mode most times traveling. The last is through the roof mode and completely mad traveling, rotates really fast not for a starter.

Pros and Drawbacks of the JJRC H20

  • Out of the box around 35m of range control: There are mods which will show later
  • Lights a bit hard to see in sunlight outside
  • Battery relationship is a muck around as jest accessories, but really this is a little hex
  • Remote (TX) has little thumbs manages, looking at mods on that.
  • Headless mode really basic, performs.
  • Come back to house performs, but watch out which way hex experiencing can get away from you.
  • Really these new iPod Nano quadriceps are fun, but feel traveling really is more secure and better in the house.
  • Would I buy the JJRC H20…Yes a lot of fun and requires awesome accidents unaffected.
  • As battery power on the drone can be eliminated, to me a significant advantage as you can buy additional battery power cost them up and keep traveling.


JJRC Multirotor provides great quality, an excellent traveling experience and it’s an excellent buy for advanced brochures. It can be found a bit on the great end though and this can prevent that brochure who wants great quality but is limited on their price range. It is an excellent JJRC Multirotor that can function as helpful information on what to look for though.

There are always many opinions both good and bad that can give one a clear opportunity of what they are looking for and where they can think it is. Depending on such sincere verdict from unidentified people it’s always easier to decide. There are many sites providing free information on JJRC Multirotor. There must be thorough exploring beforehand. Quality isn’t to be affected. There are known companies that provide high quality JJRC Multirotor and have continuously improved their designs. The JJRC Multirotor is one such great quality product that is currently position through the roof and has obtained a lot of pleased acceptance.

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