Learn about the various types of compact apartments

The concept of small places that was once famous in west, today is becoming popular in many cities of India such as Pune, Mumbai and Delhi. The main reason for this popularity is the growing population, increasing property prices as well as the scarcity of spaces. All these factors have led builders and developers to target this segment and start construction of small apartment models. One can define compact apartment as a floor that has area between 500-800 sq ft, consisting of one to two bedrooms only. Such apartments are not only affordable but also very easy to maintain. Not just this, small apartments work well for all age groups be it the newly weds, first time buyer or even retirees. So, below are explained some types of compact size apartments that are readily available in India.


The first kind is the studio apartment, which combines a bedroom, living room and a kitchenette in a one or just single room. You can also find junior 4 apartment(JR4) where there are four rooms in the apartment namely, bedroom, kitchen, dining area or an office. This type of apartment is an extension of studio apartment.

Then there is the live/work apartment, though this is an old concept but with time this concept is modernised to meet the needs of different kinds of businesses. A live-work apartment will provide you with a working area along with living area, keeping the cost lower though luxurious units are also made these days. The main advantage of buying such an apartment is that it saves time in commuting and is a great choice for those who work from home, especially women.  Mostly, the offices are on the ground floor and the residential is on the next floor.

Another common type of small apartment is the loft. Such apartments are converted in living spaces from commercial buildings. This is a great option for those who want open or flexible layout. Here you can showcase your style in anyway you want. Also, in traditional housing setting you get very limited storage area but in a loft, you can easily create your own storage area, depending upon your needs.

Those people who want a luxurious apartment that provides a contemporary lifestyle can go for a penthouse. As the name suggests, a penthouse is actually constructed on the rooftop, with a great view. Since it is the top floor of a building, a penthouse tends to offer lot of facilities such as a private entrance, fireplaces, jacuzzi, vaulted ceilings and so on. One thing to remember is that such facilities offered are the reason for the high price of a penthouse.

There are many more types of  apartments for sale in Pune that you can buy today but what you need to keep in mind is that you should choose one that reflects your personality and not which the builder is promoting as it is you who has to live in it.

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