Master The Art Of Tarot Reading

There is nothing supernatural about tarot cards. In fact, it is about connecting with spirituality. as long as you are willing to devote time. The greatest of the greatest psychics have practiced their tarot reading skills to master it. To believe this statement you just need to go through the history of how tarot cards originated and how they came to be used for divination purposes.

Anyone can master the art of tarot reading. There are plenty of articles on a beginners guide to tarot cards available on the internet. But most of them may either leave you more confused than before or would be unnecessarily exaggerated. Here is how you can master it in the simplest way:

Get A Deck That Reflects You

There are dozens of tarot cards available in the market. For divination purposes, special cards are made with psychic visuals on them. While selecting a deck of cards, you should spend some time analyzing a few cards from the deck. Try to figure out what the cards may try to convey. Finally, select the deck that suits you. Your cards should be in sync with your mind and soul. They should be a reflection of your own personality. The more they are suited to your own personality, the better. It is a common myth that you should never buy your own deck of tarot cards. Unless, you are gifted by one of your friends, or it happens to fall from the sky, it is best to buy your own deck. The notion that buying your own deck of cards brings bad luck is complete nonsense. You already have taken the first step when you decided to choose your own deck of tarot cards.

Try To Connect With The Cards

A deck of tarot cards typically has seventy-eight cards. Like regular playing cards, there are four suits, namely- wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. Each deck consists of ten “number” cards (ace to ten) and four face cards- the King, the Queen, the Knight, and the Jack. making a total of fifty-six cards. Plus there are twenty-one cards that belong to a fifth suit named as the trump suit and there is also a fool card. Completing the total number to seventy-eight. Typically the deck is divided into two sets of cards. Major arcana, which is supposed to reveal the greater secrets, that are out of an individual’s control. They usually have Roman numerals printed over them. On the other hand, minor arcana reveals the powers that can be manipulated. Try spending a few minutes with each and every card from the deck. This will help you to connect with your cards. You can make the best predictions only when you are connected with your deck.

Practice As Long As You Are Not Satisfied

Once you have familiarized yourself with the cards, you should try drawing cards for yourself. Initially, you can begin by drawing one card at a time. You can simply, draw a card and try predicting your day. See how it goes. How closely are you able to predict your daily life? Once you feel like you have achieved minimal experience at making predictions, you can begin drawing more than one card. Again, there are a number of ways and combinations that you can employ while drawing multiple cards. The most common method and combination used by psychics is the three card method. You draw three cards and lay them facing down. Each card has its own significance. One card could be for financial aspects, the other one for health and happiness, and the third one for love. There is no general rule as to what each card should signify. It depends on what ‘you’ choose a card to mean. These combinations of cards are essentially used when making general life predictions. You will gradually master each method when you start practicing them on regular basis. You should understand that only regular practice can help you master this art. Soon, after you start believing in yourself, you can start practicing tarot reading with your friends and family, and customers. Keep a track of how many times you’ve succeeded and how many times you’ve made a wrong prediction. This record will only help you improve.

Like any other art form, the art of tarot reading can also be mastered. All you need to do is dedicate your time. It will come naturally to you. You need to connect with that inner voice of yours. In other words, tarot reading is the art of exploring the unconscious and bringing it to the conscious world and that needs devotion.

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