OGS Mechanics For The Quality Car Service In London

According to a study, the number of car owners in the city of London is going upwards on YOY (Year on Year) basis though the number of people having three or more cars has been static at 2%. The best part is that all other segments, precisely people having one car or two cars have steadily increased with some degree of fluctuation. On the other side, a steady percentage of people opted out of owning cars. This, however, does not deter the need of a car service. In fact, being a car owner in London, you cannot afford to ignore it from time and time.

OGS Mechanics For The Quality Car Service In London

With a growing demand for the car service, there have been many service stations in the markets of London. Hence, you should know in advance, which garage has the requisite expertise and experience befitting your car. In our informal research, we find that OGS Mechanics have carved out a niche in the car service market in London.

Key Areas of OGS Mechanics Car Service:

  • Accreditation: You will be happy to know that OGS Mechanics have the accreditation from Motor Industry Code of Practice. On top of it, the company adheres to all other industry norms thereby assures quality service befitting your car model. This, in other words, construes that when you leave your car for repair or service there; you essentially have the peace of mind and get the value for your money.
  • Courtesy car service: Courtesy cars are available to hire without any charge when you leave your car for repair and service with OGS. However, your insurance coverage will decide your eligibility to drive the vehicles there that are subject to availability.
  • Pick up and drop facility: Pick up and drop facility of cars at your home or office from OGS works wonder befitting your comfort and convenience. This, in other words, construes that when you continue enjoying the proximity of your loved ones or continue work as per schedule, your car is fully serviced and repaired. It is also delivered at your doorstep.  
  • Warranty and insurance repair: The Company OSG undertakes the job of warranty and insurance repairs. Just leave your car with OSG after necessary paper works prepared by the people at OSG. It construes to a great advantage, as you don’t need to pursue the claim anymore while your car is serviced and repaired to your satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive service and repair: People at OSG are qualified mechanics. You should know that OSG is approved under Trust My Garage scheme and it is a part of Retail Motor Industry in UK. In fact, you will always get a comprehensive car service and repair at a transparent and honest price.
  • Genuine spare parts: The Company offers a one-year warranty on all new spare parts supplied by it.

In fact, you can explore more here bespoke to your need. We, therefore, advise you to take your car to OSG mechanics at least once to understand and appreciate its service, repair, and above all, the work culture.

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