Outstanding Teaching Strategies For Effective Private Tuition

Having once existed as something of a rather niche and exclusive service available only to a very select few, private tuition is slowly but surely becoming much more widely accessible. There always have been and always will be instances that call for the professional and direct assistance of outstanding personal educators, therefore the emergence of so much incredible new talent can only be of great benefit to the United Kingdom in general.

Of course, in terms of those already working within the industry such a sudden increase in competition can make it all the more difficult to get by. Like so many industries and career positions, that of the private tutor is one of which is judged by experience, capabilities and above all else, results. As such, those looking to make a name for themselves as a genuinely outstanding private tutor in London must constantly examine their owner tuition techniques in order to ensure they are providing a service of superior quality every time.

Outstanding Teaching Strategies For Effective Private Tuition

So with this in mind, what follows is a quick introduction to a select handful of teaching strategies that are known to prove effective for private tutors:

Instil Passion

It’s of course no secret that human beings are naturally predisposed to learn faster and more effectively if what they are studying is something they have a genuine interest in. The only problem in this instance being that the vast majority of youngsters find it difficult to get into anything they are required to study as they do not see how any of it genuinely connects with their lives. As such, one of the most effective of all strategies when it comes to private tuition is that of finding a way of instilling passion in those you are tutoring. This can of course be easier said than done, but by demonstrating and indeed communicating your own passion for any given subject, there’s a good chance it will rub off on your students.

Focus on Independence

Always try to keep close to mind the fact that above all else, one of the most important lessons you are looking to communicate and have assimilated is that of independence. One of the best ways of going about this is to encourage and celebrate the voicing of their opinions and to lead them into situations where the required answers demand more thought and expression than a simple yes or no.

Make it Fun

As already touched upon, the very moment any student finds that any given subject is boring them to tears, you are facing an uphill struggle. It’s therefore a good idea to make both the teaching and assessment process as enjoyable as possible, which can be made easier with the introduction of specifically targeted games and activities. Mercifully, the web is awash with thousands of examples of games and activities that can be tried in accordance with any specific subject area.

Let Them Speak

Never underestimate the power of the pre-planned pause as in an ideal situation it will in fact be your student that does most of the talking. The idea in this instance is to use frequent pauses when and where necessary to not only give the student chance to absorb the information, but also to comment on and question it. It’s also never a bad idea to ask them to both repeat and explain what it is you are telling them when there are key points being communicated, and to ask for their opinions on any given point and subject.

Fast-Paced Drills

One of the most effective ways of drilling important points home – quite literally in this instance – is to use a technique involving fast-paced drills. This is particularly effective in subjects where much of the learning process comes down to the memorising of theory, such as the sciences, where points of particular importance should be brought up regularly and without forewarning to really ensure they are remembered.

Use Humour

Of course it’s a tricky act to pull off and one that not all tutors will meet with any real success in it, but when and where humour can be incorporated into the teaching process, studies have shown it to be extremely effective. Not only does it assist with both memory and the creation of bonds between the student and the teacher, but it can also work wonders for general engagement and interest.

Change the Scenery

Last but not least, everybody knows just how much of a breath of fresh air it can be to occasionally change your surroundings, even if what you are doing in the surroundings is technically the same. As such, every now and again it is a good idea to consider changing the scenery a little and moving the sessions to somewhere different – perhaps somewhere outdoors, weather permitting.

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