Permanently Getting Rid Of Unwanted Fat Through 3D Liposuction

Though summer is still far away, but if you want to reveal your perfectly toned body on the beach next season, it is better to start your preparations from now.  Ever evolving technology in its present form allows getting the bikini body that you see in your dream with lesser effort and hardship. Thus, everyone ranging from celebrities to ordinary people is queuing up at modern skin clinics to avail the facility. The therapy is not only absolutely safe but also thoroughly non-invasive and pain free. As it involves no needle or knives, there are no chances of experiencing unwanted complexities that are usually involved in conventional surgeries.

Permanently Getting Rid Of Unwanted Fat Through 3D Liposuction

An Introduction to the Therapy

The beauty treatment is more popularly referred to as 3D liposuction. The procedure involves application of a special tool to combine cavitation with fat freezing, radio frequency and fat-rolling approaches. The procedure involves application of painless ultrasound to break down the membranes of the fat cells in the body. Gradually, the destroyed or displaced fat cells are eliminated from the body following the natural process of excretion.

The concept behind this therapy is pretty simple. Through the process of fat freezing, cells at the targeted areas of the body are cooled to a temperature of minus six degrees. As a result of this sudden and severe cold, water inside the targeted cells crystallizes into ice. This development triggers the natural death of the fat cells. The dead cells are finally flushed out by the body. However, one has to hold a little patience to enjoy the result of this treatment. All the dead cells are not flushed out in a single sequence. Thus, noticeable results first start showing up with 7 to 10 days after undergoing the therapy. To enjoy the optimum results, one has to wait for 12 to 16 weeks.  An increasing number of people in London are availing this therapy and enjoying the results.

More Effective with Radio Frequency

Any reputed skin clinic London blends radio frequency therapy with 3D lipo to make the overall process more effective. Radio frequency initially heats up the skin to about 38 degrees and this stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin in the body. These two elements are helpful to provide the skin with a soft, youthful appearance.  Gradually, as the skin temperature rises above 40 degrees, the fat cells literally start to melt away and get rid from the body.

The cost of this unbelievably effective body sculpting therapy varies from clinic to clinic. However, on the whole, the price remains within a range that is easy to afford for the majority of people. It is better to consult a cosmetic surgeon regarding availing 3D lipo in London. Usually, the therapy is suitable for one and all. But still it is better to seek a consultant’s opinion about your individual eligibility to the treatment. Each therapy session lasts less than an hour and people conveniently get it done during lunch breaks at their workplaces. As the fat cells are killed and eliminated from the body, this cool sculpting procedure provides a permanent solution to the problem.

However, one should stick to a restricted diet and regular workout to enjoy lifelong benefit of the treatment.

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