Personalised Photo Frames As Gifts – 6 Slipups To Avoid

You’d be forgiven for assuming that it’s technically impossible to go wrong when it comes to buying personalised photo frames as gifts. Of course, actually buying the things in the logistical sense has never been easier – find a site like, place your order and hit the button. But at the same time, there’s a difference between picking up a random frame with little to no thought and making sure you buy the very best personalised frame for the occasion or event in question.

Web retail is great for a lot of things, but it rarely helps matters that you can’t physically see what you’re buying and give it a hands-on inspection before taking it home. As such, there’s a rather more urgent call for common sense and DIY vetting, in order to avoid making the kind of mistakes that could put the meaning and sentiment of your gift as a whole in jeopardy.

Personalised Photo Frames As Gifts – 6 Slipups To Avoid

So if a personalised is indeed on the cards and you’d rather get it right, here’s a quick rundown of six common slipups to avoid at all costs:

1 – Low-Grade Materials

Right off the bat, the biggest mistake you can possibly make is that of falling foul of frames that are simply not up to par when it comes to the quality of the materials. This is usually the way you’ll find yourself going if you opt for the cheapest of cheap frames on the market for prices that are largely too good to be true. Let’s put it this way – nobody wants to have the photographs they value housed and presented in frames that are nothing less than an eyesore. Even with an interesting design and a lovely message, a low-grade frame never looks the part and will not be displayed with pride.

2 – Lacklustre Engraving

Of course the same also goes for the engraving itself as there’s a very big difference between the latest high-end engraving techniques and those that look anything but professional. It’s one thing to have a great message in mind, but if it’s added to the frame in a manner that’s somewhere between uninspiring and embarrassing, chances are it’s not going to be well-received. Most brands will tell you that their engraving is just fine, but realistically you should be looking for a brand that not only tells you more about the process, but also puts it money where its mouth is.

3 – Generic Messages

The whole idea of a personalised frame is the fact that it gives you the opportunity to create and add your own message from your own heart. If you wanted to give a gift with a generic message or poem in it or on it, you’d be just as well buying something from a standard store like everyone else does. Of course there’s no harm in taking a little inspiration from the words of others, but you simply must make sure you don’t just include a generic or uninspiring message you clearly copied from someone or something else.

4 – Awkward Frame Sizes

On the logistical side of things, be cautious when it comes to the size of the frame or frames you choose to pick up. As there are standard sizes that the vast majority of photos tend to be printed in, you should be looking to buy frames that have been designed to accommodate common photo sizes. There are thousands of examples of gorgeous personalised frames on the market which although wonderfully designed and of high quality are nonetheless rather awkwardly shaped or sized. Avoid these at all costs – chances are they’ll never be used.

5 – Ordering Too Late

Undoubtedly one of the biggest mistakes you’re ever likely to make is that of ordering your frames too late and running out of time. Not only does rushing things mean that you’re more likely to order something shoddy, but you also run the risk of the frame not arriving in time. It’s impossible to foresee certain inevitable delays and hiccups, so don’t fall into the trap of ordering at the very last minute.

6 – Ignoring Buyer Feedback

Last but not least, if customer reviews paint a picture of a brand that’s excellent, chances are it is indeed an excellent brand. By contrast, if the majority of reviews and testimonials you can find make them out to be nothing short of a nightmare to do business with, chances are this is indeed the case. Reviews and write-ups are not the be all and end all, but should nonetheless always be factored in when deciding who to shop with for personalised gifts.

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