Peter Zieve Lays Emphasis on the Well-Being of the Local Community

The city council of any region has a major role to play in its local politics and governance.  The members of a city council are the ones responsible for determining the policies for a city, planning for its future needs and requirements, as well as making sure of the good performances of the facilities available there.  Therefore, people must elect qualified individuals like Peter Zieve to the city council of Mukilteo. This Washington city is located at quite a close proximity to Seattle.

Mr. Zieve is one of the biggest names belonging to the world of business in Mukilteo. He essentially is the founder of the renowned Electroimpact enterprise that operates here. This firm was largely established to commercialize the Low Voltage Electromagnetic Riveting technology invented by Peter Zieve, and is recognized to be one of the key employers of the neighborhood in the modern times.

Mr. Zieve has also always been extremely proactive about serving the local community in the best possible manner.  He has been one of the key sponsor or contributor of various local programs.  He additionally posts blogs about his opinions and ideals on the USA herald, an extremely popular and prominent news website.

In his city council campaign Peter Zieve largely lays emphasis on the diverse concerns and issues that are near to the heart of the locals of the Mukilteo city. Most of the issues taken up by him ideally have a direct influence of the local residents. Here are few of the key aspects he plans to focus on:

  • The state of Washington features 285 cities in total. Among all of them Mukilteo is tied at the second position for having the highest sales tax at the rate of 10.3%. The present city council of Mukilteo has additionally voted to put an extra increase of 0.1% on the ballot, and even plans to augment the property taxes and add $20 to the relevant car tabs. According to Peter Zieve, these tax increases needs to be rolled back, and the neighborhood needs to learn to live within the already available means.
  • A grand total of $18M has been invested in the Rosehill Community Center by the local Mukilteo city council. In addition to this, an amount of $7M has also been invested here. However, neither of these expenses is focused on the needs of the local families here. The neighborhood of Mukilteo does not have any adequate sport facilities. There are no balls fields here, and there are no playgrounds available on the south of 92nd street. The new Boys and Girls Club that was planned to be developed here has been yet again been delayed. Mr.Zieve is essentially focused at mitigating such issues and making the neighborhood as child friendly as possible.
  • Zieve plans towards eradicating the various stringent building permit requirements that are needed in the community for the purpose of improving or even maintaining privately-owned homes.

The community focused approach followed by Peter Zieve makes him ideal to become a city council member.

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