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You can take PMP video training if you like distance learning as this is cheaper than attending face to face lectures and also saves time. PMP video training will give you every necessary thing you need for becoming PMP with a well-structured syllabus that prepares you for the exam.

The best PM Blog provides information about necessary tests that are required before acquiring this advanced certification. Some of the best PM Blogs that are available today also expand your career in the project management field.

The cost of the computer based test is $405 for PMI members and $555 for nonmembers. This information can be retrieved from the PMP handbook. The cost for a paper based test is $250 for PMI members and $400 for nonmembers. PMP exam guide is also a necessary tool for the exam preparation. Even though the PMP cost is expensive, the benefits attached to the certification are worth the cost.

You can achieve success in the PMP exams at a lower cost with some tips. One of these tips is by joining PMP as a member at the rate of $139. If you are aspiring to take the exams, you need to become a member as this would reduce PMP cost. It is not compulsory to become a member but it is necessary. Another benefit of becoming a member is that you will be able to download the PM guide for free and these materials are important for exam preparation. You have the opportunity of retaking the exam thrice in a year but each retake comes with an extra cost of $275 for members and $375 for nonmembers saving you a total cost of $100. These are some of the benefits of becoming a member.

Another material that contributes to PMP cost is the PMBOK guide which costs $47.98. It contains information that might appear in the real exam.  PMBOK improves your confidence when preparing for the exams. Another benefit of becoming a PMI member is that you will be able to download the PMBOK for free.

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