Procedure Of One Person Company Registration

The start-ups who just have one founder, for them One Person Company is a good business formation. The idea of One Person Company (OPC) in India was originally introduced to give a boost and an increasing feeling to entrepreneurs who hold great potential in starting their own venture and allowing them to create a single person company.

Procedure Of One Person Company Registration

Advantages of one Person Company

One of the major advantages of one person company registration is that it requires only a member in one person Company while in other registration cases, a minimum of two persons are required for registering a private Limited company or a Limited Partnership. As one person company itself is separate official and legal entity, it sees to it that it provides protection to the owner so that he/she can enjoy the features of limited liabilities.

Things Required for the One Person Company Registration, India

  • One Shareholder is needed
  • One Person is needed
  • One Nominee is required
  • One Director is required

So, eventually it requires just one person for the registration.

Features of One Person Company

  • Limited Liability: The personal assets of the Director are safe and are only limited to the assets of the company.
  • Separate Legal Entity: A private limited company is a separate legal entity and is also a juristic person which has been established under the Companies Act, 2013.
  • Uninterrupted Existence: A company has continuous existence and stays unaffected and unchanged by change in ownership or death of any of its members.
  • Borrowing capacity: Financial institutions as well as banks prefer lending to a company than lending to proprietary firms.

Procedure of One Person Company Registration

  • First and foremost, one has to apply for the Digital Signature of the Directors which is required in filing the e-forms for the one person company registration.
  • Then apply for the Director Identification Number or DIN which is required for applying as a director in any company.
  • Apply for the Name approval on the MCA Portal as per the MCA Guidelines.
  • Filings E-Forms with ROC
  • Payment of ROC Fees after the name Approval from Officers.
  • Issue Certification of Incorporation i.e. the final certificate of One Person Company.
  • Apply for the PAN Number
  • Open a current bank account on the name of one Person Company.

Documents Required for One Person Company

  • PAN Number of the Director
  • Address Proof of the Director as on Adhar card/driving license/ passport.
  • Business Place ownership proof as on the electricity bills or rent agreement or the NOC from the landlord.

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