Quality Screening And Dust Protection Materials Available At Amazing Prices

You will find, when searching the internet, dealers in temporary screen and dust protection materials, offering high quality materials at amazing prices, with full service designing and on site installation. It is often required to protect the outside area from dust intervention arising from construction and renovation sites. These services in Temporary Screening products can provide the best solution to the problem, creating an effective and complete guard against dust.

Quality Screening And Dust Protection Materials Available At Amazing Prices

You will find them, creating a clear division between the workplace and public areas by installing temporary screening products of superior quality and completing the work within the time frame. The geo-synthetic products that you will find with them for temporary screening, are of high standards, fire retardant and light duty, which are the ideal ones to create dust free zones to help enhance the progress of work. These screening products not only prevent dust particles from entering, but also, being translucent, allows enough light so that the progress of work is not hampered. Available in a range of colors, these products can also be customized with company logo to project the name of the company. You will find patented and award winning materials for temporary screening that will not only prevent health hazards, but also enhance the reputation of a company for keeping with the required health and safety standards. There are the screening materials to help lime dust from spreading during the sanding of floors and walls.

Temporary Screening products include the ZipWall Dust Barrier and the ZipWall Zip Pole Kit, which are of high quality, allowing perfect construction of barriers between work sites and public places. For any assistance on choosing the right material, installation, and completion of project, you can call upon these services in temporary screening, and get the best solution to your needs. Quality foam rails which are reusable are used for designing these products for tight sealing, so that not a spec of dust can penetrate through the screens. The poles,which are designed for the ZipWall Pole Kit are adjustable and telescopic extendable, making them easy to fix. You will find them, providing specialist and dedicated services for delivering innovative and traditional products blended to produce an effective solution to the protection problems of the surfaces and walls at construction or refurbishment sites. Their services also include same day and next day delivery, delivery outside office hours, free samples and technical support, and site visits anywhere throughout the country.


To find the best and cost effective solution to your temporary screening needs, there can be no better services than these Temporary Screening products suppliers and installers. They will complete the job of installation and dismantling within the specified time frame, which make them excel over others. You can discuss with them your needs and get suggestions and free quotes in order to take an informed decision. There are many companies offering Temporary Screening products and services, when you search online, where you will be able to study their profile and the specifications of their products for screening.

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