Reasons to Include Rummy in Train Journey Agenda

Train journeys are really a fun experience for people who enjoy the nuances of life. The journey takes you past changing geographies and diverse cultures. The length of the train journey and the type of people you meet decide how good your experience has been. This is also a great opportunity for you to meet people and get more social. You can pass your time during the train journey by playing card games with the new-found acquaintances. Here are some reasons why rummy is the top game to play during a train journey and why it is a must add to your agenda:

Train Journeys are Long and Time Taking

Unlike a flight journey which is just a matter of a couple of hours, a train journey can be long and exhausting too. Since the train takes many hours to reach the destination, it is better to be well prepared with ways to spend your time on-board. Most people who travel by train make it a point to carry a few books to read, a pack of cards to play with and some other means of entertainment for the journey.

Train Journeys are Best Occasions to Make New Friends

Since you have the convenience of time when it comes to train journeys, you also have enough time to make new acquaintances. However, it could be difficult to strike a conversation with strangers unless you have some common ground. Rummy card game can provide this common ground to most people. If you start playing the game, the initial difficulty in starting the conversation will be gone.

Nothing Can Be as Convenient to Carry as a Deck of Cards

While we enjoy many things as a means of entertainment, most of these are not possible on train journeys. Since you do not get steady data or internet connection during train journeys, you cannot expect to watch videos or shows on the train. Since radio connection may also not be consistent, this is also not a great way to get entertained during the journey. Board games are fun but these occupy space and require a steady place to keep the board. This is also not the best option during train journeys. That is where a deck of cards happens to be your best alternative. Moreover, most people in India know rummy games and won’t have difficulty playing with you.

Most Card Players in India Know How to Play Rummy

Rummy is a card game that is easy to learn. Moreover, in India, this is one of the first games that players learn. That is why it makes sense to choose ultimate rummy card games for starting your friendships with strangers in the train. Most people will know the rules and those who don’t know how to play rummy can be taught easily with a few simple guidelines.

Rummy is a Game for People of All Ages

In trains, you will find co-passengers belonging to different age groups. You must choose a common activity that appeases people of all age groups. This is important if you wish to increase bonding. This is yet another reason why rummy is a good choice. Rummy games amuse people of all ages. Aged people even have prior experiences of playing rummy with friends which they will enjoy sharing with you during the journey. Such stories and tales bring you closer to your train friends. As you share your nostalgic memories, a moment is created.

These are enough reasons to include rummy in your train journey agenda. You can spice up the gaming sessions with cutting chai and hot pakodas at the stations.

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