Relax And Recharge At Catalina Resort Maroochydore

Even though the Christmas break wasn’t that long ago, you’re probably already thinking about your next holiday. Especially if you’ve been entertaining the kids all summer!

If you feel like you need to relax and recharge the batteries, why not consider booking a Maroochydore holiday apartment and indulging yourself a little.

It’s a great time of year to visit the Sunshine Coast, in-between the Christmas and Easter holidays, as it’s a little quieter and less crowded. In fact, many people book Maroochydore holiday apartments during the off season, autumn and winter, as there are always great deals to be had and the weather is still gorgeous on the Sunshine Coast.

Relax And Recharge At Catalina Resort Maroochydore

Escape the Crowds

Whatever the time of year, though, you’ll always discover places to escape the crowds, be it the lovely, leafy hinterland, or a secluded beach.  It’s not for nothing that the area is known as ‘the naturally refreshing Sunshine Coast’.

The region offers endless stretches of pristine beaches, some of the best in Australia, most visitors say.

And while it’s always advisable to choose patrolled beaches for swimming – especially if you have children – there are many secluded beaches to explore or enjoy a picnic.

Holiday apartments, such as the Catalina Resort Maroochydore, are perfect bases from which to explore the region. And being fully self-contained, there’s so much more freedom to enjoy.

Rock Pools and Waterfalls

The beautiful hinterland is just a short drive from the Catalina Resort Maroochydore, and it’s always so lush and green, full of rainforests, rock pools and waterfalls.

Even on the hottest day you’ll find somewhere cool and shady in and around, Montville, Maleny, Flaxton and Mapleton.

If you’ve come to the Sunshine Coast to rejuvenate, you’ve chosen the perfect destination, as there are some lovely day spas and health retreats to choose from, not far from the Catalina Resort Maroochydore.

There you can be pampered and cared for, enjoying many different treatments, from massage to authentic Balinese therapies and everything in-between.

Rainforest Health Spas

Some day spas are located on beautiful acreage properties, surrounded by rainforest; and some are right by the ocean.

Mind you, renting a luxury apartment or the penthouse at Catalina Resort Maroochydore is a bit like staying at a spa anyway! Air-conditioned and comfortably furnished, all apartments have access to the resort’s wonderful facilities.

Surrounded by lush tropical gardens, the resort has two heated swimming pools, two heated spas, sauna, tennis court and myriad areas in which to just sit and relax with a good book.

Book the penthouse apartment at Catalina Resort, and it’s like having your own personal health retreat, with a plunge pool plus a full-sized marble bathroom with a jacuzzi. Not to mention the exhilarating ocean views!

Healthy Sea Air

And what could be better for your body and soul than an early morning or sunset stroll along the beautiful sandy beach, breathing in the sea air and leaving your worries behind. Have you ever noticed how well you sleep when you’re at the seaside?

Research shows that the sound of the waves actually alters the wave patterns in your brain, leading to deeper relaxation.

Taking a dip is good for your health, too. Floating in saltwater is beneficial in many ways. Just the act of floating enables more blood to flow to your abdomen, and the area around the heart, resulting in more oxygen getting to your brain, helping you feel better.

Saltwater is also very healing for certain skin conditions, and gives us a wonderful feeling of wellbeing.

Relax and Unwind

And there’s actually a reason why sea air makes us feel so good. Sea air is charged with healthy negative ions that help us absorb more oxygen. Those ions also balance our serotonin levels, which helps reduce stress and enhance our mood.

So it’s no wonder the Sunshine Coast is such a great place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate our tired bodies and busy minds.

People used to think that in order to feel really relaxed and pampered, you had to stay in a hotel and have everything done for you.

But increasingly, holidaymakers are choosing Maroochydore holiday apartments over hotels.

They say there is much more freedom to come and go in an apartment, as you’re not tied to set meal times – you can do your own thing, how you want, when you want.

And if you’re travelling with family and friends, holiday apartments are definitely better than trying to cram everyone into a hotel room!

For family holidays, an apartment at the Catalina Resort Maroochydore makes life much easier, as the kids can be bathed and fed early, and apartments include washing machines and dryers, to keep the laundry up to date.

Once the kids are asleep, parents can relax, enjoy an ocean sunset, make use of the Cable TV, or settle down with a good book.

Now that’s what we call a relaxing holiday!

Author Bio: Author is a journalist and professional writer with many years’ experience in news reporting, editing and feature writing. Living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, she writes extensively about Maroochydore holiday apartments.

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