Research on Kratom Effects

Claude Rifat, a Swedish biologist, experimented with small dosages plants, smoking leaves through a tube. According to his description, he was reminded of the effects of antidepressants such as kzaneks, Prozac and others. These substances produce indifference, reduced motivation, everything seems monotonous, boring, there is laziness. Find more by click here.

Probably, the views that are almost in opposition, is very closely linked to the cultural differences and perceptions of life Asians and Europeans. H. Ridley, inspired by the culture of acceptance of this plant-drug, wrote in 1897 that leaves it able to treat opiate dependence. I must say that at the present time in New Zealand, the plant is used for the treatment are dependent on methadone.

The origins of the culture of consumption of the substance went very far in the past. At least the habit of using it as a narcotic drug appeared very long time. It is possible that he served as a complement to opium, and may have been a complete replacement for the people of the east. It is often used as a means of traditional medicine in the treatment of circulatory disorders, diarrhea, insomnia. In addition to its narcotic properties, he is credited with the ability to restore or renewal of his sexual power.

Although the world, there are many different types of Kratom, and two major ones are different veins on the leaves – white-green or red, it is the view from the red veins has a stronger effect. However, as the Australian breeders have found, and red and white streaks appear on the leaves, regardless of the breed, it is related to weather conditions and the locus. In addition, the color of living – it is only the level of concentration of alkaloids.

When the first symptoms of withdrawal the addict is assumed to smoke a couple of leaves. This continues for 6 weeks until the end is not the most dangerous period. At the same time, of the patients complained to visual hallucinations, see colorful dreams. During the active experiments in the United States, about iboginovyh plants, Dana Bel, is a representative precise cure not war, put forward a proposal to consider mitragynine as a safer and more interesting object of experiments.

However, the incumbent at the time the Minister of Health Research Institute categorically rejected the proposal, saying that is known about Kratom is much less than about ibogaine tested already. Despite the fact that the crystal lattices have mitroginina and the ibogina similar effect produced by their patients drug addicts, are very different.

Then, as ibogin aimed at direct healing effects of drugs, mitragin applied for gradual weaning dependent addiction. A few days later the addict stops using a dangerous drug, withdrawal symptoms diminish and pleas for the next dose subside, in view of the fact that the patient had become exposed to other receptors. Probably Kratom can be helpful for addicts who do not want to completely abandon opium, but just want to restrain passion that went beyond.

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